What is the Reedsport Main Street Program?

The Main Street program is a community driven process following the proven Main Street Approach, which is a practical and comprehensive model capitalizing on a community’s unique assets. The goal is to build high quality, livable, and sustainable communities that will grow Oregon's economy while maintaining a sense of place. In Reedsport's case, we will be focusing on the downtown, midtown, and uptown districts.

This program's success is met with community involvement and participation. This is an opportunity for the community members to shape their community and foster the growth of the projects that go on around them.

 What is the Banner Project?

The Reedsport Main Street Program focuses in different areas from promotion and marketing to economic development and design projects. The Banner Project is a priority revitalization project that would place colorful banners in all three commercial districts, with differentiating colors to separate each district while demonstrating a unified visual focus through our community highways.

These colorful banners will decrease visual blight while creating a more attractive atmosphere for tourists and visitors to stop, shop, and discover! The banners will display a range of bright, eye-catching designs that capitalize Reedsport’s assets and act as a lure for tourism. We have a professional banner designer currently helping us to develop the final banner images for free! The banners help to define our commercial districts, stop tourists and visitors, and increase economic vitality. This project will display splash efforts of the community members that work tirelessly on the Main Street Program efforts towards further developing a high quality, livable, and sustainable community we call home.

Your brick purchase< pan style="line-height: 150%; color: rgb(0, 0, 0);"> will help in more ways than one! It will help us fund the Banner Project costs for banners and brackets. You will also have a customized engraved brick that will be placed in the Downtown District permanently! This brick will not only enhance our sidewalk area, it will allow community members the opportunity to connect with the City by memorializing family members, pets, promoting businesses, and as a commemorative project.

We have already raised more than half the funds needed to purchase and place these banners in all three commercial districts. It will cost about $5,000 for the banners and brackets. Downtown banners will be 18”x36” while Midtown and Uptown banners will be 30”x48”. With your help, we can make sure all three commercial districts in Reedsport have colorful banners to create a more attractive business district and attract more visitors and customers to our local businesses.


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