The Hope House is a building named after our very first paralyzed dog, Umut, which means Hope in Turkish. Just like how Yamac opened up our rescue to senior hospice dogs; Umut opened us up to the love of saving paralyzed dogs facing euthanasia or death in the landfill because of being paralyzed. 

Since Umuts arrival, we have saved 10 more special needs/paralyzed dogs. All of them show the world that no matter how hard life is, or how impossible things can never give up and need to keep trying! 

The foundation and footer for The Hope House is up and that alone was $8,000! This building will be 14ft wide by 70ft long! It will have free roaming rooms for the paralyzed dogs here now, as well as the special needs, senior, and hospice dogs. It will also serve to help with future ones waiting to come! Additionally, it will have a clinic room once it's complete. 

Now we desperately need to raise the money for the actual building. The price of just the metal building is $39,745.00. In order to assist us in building The Hope House, we have created the following program.

The Hope House Donation Programs

Memorial Program

The Hope House Rainbow Bridge Memorial program offers a way to honor and memorialize your beloved furbabies— it could be either your personal furbaby or in honor of a loved one furbaby.

A memorial donation to The Hope House Rainbow Bridge Memorial program will go towards the funding needed to build The Hope House, a sanctuary for disabled, senior and hospice dogs. It is a meaningful donation to your fur baby as well as all the dogs that The Hope House will serve.

The bricks in this fundraiser will represent The Rainbow Bridge Memorial Walkway that will be at The Hope House. 
A memorial stone at the Rainbow Bridge Memorial Walkway provides a lasting remembrance of our beloved pets. 

brick size order details:
8x8 brick:
without clip art: 6 lines permitted; 20 spaces/characters per line
with clip art: 5 lines permitted; 15 spaces/characters per line

12x12 brick:
 without clip art: 8 lines permitted; 20 spaces/ characters per line
with clip art: 7 lines permitted; 15 spaces per line

For more information, please contact:

Crystal Carson

[email protected]


CLIP ART Collection

Z1194 Paws

Z1195 Paws 2

Z1196 PBVG2

Z1197 PBVG

Z1198 PEKE

Z1199 Pharaoh


Z1201 Playful - Cavalier

Z1202 Pointer

Z1203 Polishl

Z1204 Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Z1205 Pomeranian Head

Z1206 Poodle

Z1207 Poodle 2

Z1208 Poodle 3

Z1209 Poodle Head

Z1210 Poodle 4

Z1211 Poodle Head 2

Z1212 Puggle Head

Z1213 PWD2

Z1214 PWD

Z1215 Pyrenean- Shepherd

Z1216 Rattersit

Z1217 RCollie

Z1218 Redbone- Coonhound

Z1219 Red-White-Irish Setter

Z1220 Ret Bird

Z1221 RetGold4

Z1222 RETGold

Z1223 Rhodesian Head 2

Z1224 Ridge Head

Z1225 Ridge

Z1226 Rottweiller

Z1227 Rottweiller

Z1228 Rottweiller Hd

Z1229 Run Grey

Z1230 Running Whippet

Z1231 Saluki2

Z1232 Saluki

Z1233 Sammy 3

Z1234 SAR

Z1235 Schipp

Z1236 Schipp 2

Z1237 SCHN2

Z1238 Scotdeer

Z1239 Sealy2

Z1240 Seeing- Eye-Dog

Z1241 Sharpei

Z1242 Sharpup

Z1243 Sheltie5

Z1244 Sheltie 6


Z1246 Shetldm

Z1247 ShetlHd

Z1248 Shiba

Z1249 Shiba

Z1250 Shihtzu2

Z1251 Silky 2

Z1252 SM Collie

Z1253 SMTHFox

Z1254 South African Mastiff

Z1255 Spinone Italiano

Z1256 StBern


Z1258 Sussex

Z1259 Swedish- Vallhund

Z1260 Tibspan2

Z1261 Tinspan3

Z1262 TibTerr

Z1263 TibTerr2

Z1264 Toy Fox Terrier

Z1265 Vizsla2

Z1266 Vizsla

Z1267 WC-Card

Z1268 WC-Pemb2

Z1269 Wc- Pemb3

Z1270 WC-Pemb

Z1271 Weim

Z1272 Weim2

Z1273 Weim- Stand2


Z1275 WESTIE 3


Z1277 Whiphd

Z1278 Whiphd3

Z1279 Whippet2

Z1280 Whippet

Z1281 Whippet Head 2

Z1282 White Bull Terrier

Z1283 Wire Fox Terrier


Z1285 WPoint

Z1286 Yorkie 2

Z1287 Yorkie

Z2001 Abyssinian

Z2002 American Bobtail

Z2003 American Curl

Z2004 American Shorthair

Z2005 Arabian Wildcat

Z2006 Balinese

Z2007 Bengal

Z2008 Birman Sitting

Z2009 British Shorthair

Z2010 Burmese

Z2011 Cornish Rex

Z2012 Kitten

Z2013 Maine Coon

Z2014 Persian Head

Z2015 Persian Sitting

Z2016 Persian

Z2017 Russian Blue Head

Z2018 Scottish Fold

Z2019 Siamese

Z2020 Siamese Sit

Z2022 Somali

Z2023 Tabby

Z2024 Turkish Van

Z3001 Dolphin Fish