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This is a sample donor website that has been set up for you to get an idea how your website will look and work. 

Please feel free to enter your information and complete the order process to see exactly how this website works. 

Paver Bricks have a lifetime guarantee and are an ideal way to commemorate:

Your family and its members

“In Honor” or “In Memoriam” of loved ones

Grade school alumni, teachers, and mentors

Pastors and priests

Saints and doctors of the Church


Color, size, and character spacing for each paver brick/tile vary
and can be explained in detail on our website at https://polarengraving.com/


Below are examples of virtual bricks we add to each donor website based on your selection.
Polar Engraving also offers a Replica Keepsake Tile.
This 4” x 4” black granite tile is a mini version of the brick/tile that you can keep at home.

Brick Size

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Price with Clip Art

4” x 8”

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8” x 8”

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12” x 12”

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4” x 4” Replica Tile - Set Your Price

If you need additional details,

please call the Polar Engraving at 239-597-8005 

or email us at [email protected]

If you have already purchased a brick and it has been installed, you can click here to find the location of your brick.
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