Dear SCCNS Families,

Each year, the Scarsdale Congregational Church Nursery School (SCCNS) raises funds to enhance the school's facilities and/or programs that we provide to students.  Thanks to our generous community of families, we were able to renovate the school's playground in 2015.  The skills our children develop on the playground – physical strength and coordination, social skills and self-confidence – are some of the most important skills children learn in preschool.  We are truly delighted to see so many smiling faces as the children navigate the playground that was made possible by donations from families like yours.

We would like to continue our commitment to the children's experience at SCCNS.  For 2017-18, we are raising funds for the garden you may have noticed on your way into school each morning.  This garden began in 2015 and has since provided students the opportunity to learn about growing flowers and vegetables, from ‘garden to table’, as we like to call it. As SCCNS believes children learn best through hands on learning, we hope to raise the funds necessary to keep our garden in place, and even expand on the lessons it provides for the students. More specifically, this year we’d like to focus on improving the design and watering system of our garden. Currently, SCCNS staff take their personal time (including weekends) to tend to the garden. Providing a more efficient and effective system will not only give our teachers back their time, it will also allow them the chance to plant a wider variety of seedlings -providing a more thorough garden experience for our students overall. 


As we approach the season of giving, we are asking SCCNS families to support these improvements by making a contribution.  Donations of any amount are greatly welcomed and appreciated! Your gift will have a significant impact on our ability to deliver the quality preschool education that SCCNS families have come to expect.  Plus, all contributions are tax-deductible!


Donations can be made by check payable to SCCNS and delivered to Melissa DiCostanzo at Scarsdale Congregational School, 1 Heathcote Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583.  Families who contribute $250 or more can choose to have their names (or their children's names) inscribed on a brick that will be displayed in the school garden.  These commemorative bricks will be installed in the spring of 2018 when the flowers come into bloom.

 Donation Amount

Size of Brick (inches)

Amount of Text



3 lines of text



6 lines of text

$650 Custom Artwork


3-6 lines of text with custom handprint or artwork

$1000 Custom Artwork


3-6 lines of text with custom handprint or artwork


Donations can be made through December 16, 2017.  Thank you for considering a donation.  We look forward to partnering with you to give back to the SCCNS community!


If you have any questions, please contact our Board Secretary, Laura Bower  ([email protected] ) or Board Chair, Danielle Chiltern ([email protected]).

Warm Regards,

The SCCNS Board

If you would like to make a donation without the purchase of a brick, please click on the Donate button below.