What a great opportunity here at our camp club!!

Springwood Lake Camp Club would like to invite you to buy a commemorative brick and become a lasting part of Springwood’s history. 

The engraved bricks can pay a lasting tribute to friends, family, businesses and clubs, volunteers and staff. 
It would also make a great gift.

4” by 8” Brick

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8” by 8” Brick

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12” by 12” Brick

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We also offer a replica tile and a donor certificate to thank you for your contribution. 
The donor certificate will be a certificate on ivory paper with a gold frame that will have your brick with your inscription on it. The price for a donor certificate is $15.00
If you would like to have a 4” by 4” Replica Tile with the same inscription as your brick, you can purchase one for $25.00

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to honor or memorialize someone special and become integrated into Springwood Lake Camp Club. 

We will begin the brick area during the Springwood Season of 2014. 
The proceeds from this opportunity will be targeted for recreational improvements to the park!

Thank you from Springwood Lake Camp Club.

All orders will be previewed and approved before submission by Springwood Lake Camp Club.