Developing Body, Mind & Spirit through Outdoor Enrichment

Does your child or grandchild attend St. John Catholic School? Are you an alumni or a member of our Parish?

The community of St. John's is dreaming of a new outdoor enrichment area; a safe and fun place that will benefit both the school and parish alike!  

It will include a brand new play structure for children ages 6 and above, as well as inviting "lounge" spaces designed to give our students places to read, write, get inspired, and receive outdoor instruction! 

We are two-thirds of the way to making this dream a reality, thanks to the overwhelming support from our donors at our annual school gala, and a $30K matching donation from our Dads Club!

YOU can help us close the gap and meet our fundraising goal by buying commemorative bricks that will line the entrance to our new Outdoor Enrichment area!

Our goal is to sell 200 bricks by July 1st, in order to have the play structure installed by the beginning of the 2017-18 school year!

Buy your bricks TODAY, to help create an Outdoor Enrichment space for St. John's children to PLAY!