Do you remember all your years at St. Philip Neri School? The lasting times of singing the St. Philip Neri school song, graduation ribbons, playing with you friends after school, football  …. How great was life at St. Philip Neri?

To keep the St. Philip Neri tradition alive, we’re excited to announce the creation of the St. Philip Neri Legacy Brick Garden.  The garden will be located outside of the preschool building where each classroom has a vegetable garden box.  Your legacy brick will leave a lasting memory of you and remind our students of the alumni who came before them.


Will you be a part of St. Philip Neri’s history by building the foundation of an excellent Catholic education for generations of future students?

Will you consider supporting SPN’s Legacy Garden through one of the following:

·       $500.00 Big Brick 12” x 12”

·       $250.00 Medium Brick 8” x 8”

·       $100.00 Small Brick 4” x 8”

·       $50.00 donation to garden construction

Please join us in the education of students for the future with your generous support to St. Philip Neri Legacy Garden. The children are relying on you.

Yours in support of St. Philip Neri School,

John Ahern, Class of 1955                                                                                                           Linda Sanders, Principal

P.S.  We are in the design process now…If you’d like to help, please consider joining the planning committee!

For questions, please contact Linda Sanders at [email protected]