The Brittany Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, care, and placement of homeless, abused, and abandoned dogs. We run a no-kill facility.


We focus our rescue efforts on dogs who have a more difficult time being adopted: older dogs, handicapped dogs, and dogs deemed "unpopular," such as pit bulls.  Our population includes puppy mill and foreclosure victims.


We educate the public on responsible dog ownership through educational materials, discussions and training.


We assist people with training, sterilization and other issues in order to help them keep their dogs, instead of giving them up.


Dogs who are not adopted through our active and ongoing adoption program have lifetime care and love at our Sanctuary.


Commemorating your pet or any loved one with a memorial brick is a wonderful reminder of lives shared and cherished. Your purchased brick will be a remembrance that will last forever, and will be placed in our Memorial Garden, where we honor so many of those we have loved and lost.


All profits from your purchase go directly to the care of the dogs at The Brittany Foundation Animal Sanctuary.

For questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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