We are creating a new outdoor learning space for our little ones. The shelter pavilion will be constructed this coming summer 2021. In hopes of creating a more permanent safe outdoor learning space for our earlier learners. We are looking for a way to make it personal and add the little red schoolhouse touch. We would like to create the floor of the pavilion with brick pavers with embroidered names of current or alumni students. 

For so many of us, The Little Red Schoolhouse is the place where our children begin their journey of learning and take their first steps in the world, separate from us.  They are nurtured, taught, and loved.  They learn to value the kindness of friendship, the joy of learning, and the security of being in a group of their peers.  Though they will continue to learn these lessons long after they leave “Little Red,” their foundation is rooted here and we hope they are touched forever.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to honor the start of your child’s educational journey and show your support for the place where it all began.  The Little Red Schoolhouse is selling engraved bricks that will be a permanent part of our playground.  Your brick can honor your child, your family, your business, or commemorate a loved one.  We encourage grandparents, friends, and extended family members to participate!  These bricks will be used to pave the pathway leading up to the school through the schoolyard.   All proceeds will be used towards building the pathway and enriching the curriculum and outdoor space of The Little Red Schoolhouse.

You and your children will love returning to Little Red to find “your brick” and remember what we hope are some of your earliest joys.  Please consider supporting The Little Red Schoolhouse and leaving a lasting mark of your time with us.