The Village Nursery School

Dear Friend of The Village Nursery School:


As a fellow parent of a Village Nursery School graduate, we know better than most the truth in the old adage “it takes a village to raise a child.” In this case it is the “Village” Nursery School and its faculty who have cultivated an enthusiasm for education in our children’s lives. Regardless of how long it has been since our children came home wearing mud and paint on their clothes and smiles across their faces, we are all still part of the “village.” It is for this reason that we write in hopes that you will consider joining our brick drive fundraiser to commemorate 70 years of educating small children.


Founded in 1953 by local parents, The Village Nursery School has a long history of community and family involvement. In the 1950s and 60s parents hand crafted the inside and outside equipment used in the original two buildings, in the 1990s they oversaw the planning and construction of the school’s present building, and still today they are the muscle behind the annual fall and spring cleanups. Grandparents read in the classroom, parents serve as trustees, older siblings return as guest speakers while younger siblings long for their chance to stay and play, and in turn, veteran teachers become family as honorary aunts. The Village Nursery School is truly a special place.

The aim of our current brick drive fundraiser is to both continue to re-pave the front entry walkway of the school with personalized bricks from donors like you, & to update the building to accommodate the needs of its ever-growing student population. In return for your contribution, you will not only be represented on a permanent piece of the footpath leading up to the doors of the school, but your donation will help continue the mission of the school.


Our previous brick drive helped to repave our sidewalks & install new flooring in our building. This year, our fundraising efforts will go towards a new outdoor playground!

      •          4x8 red concrete #10 at $100 each (no logo)


We hope that you will join us & local families in continuing to nurture our village!


For questions please contact Maureen Bajko at [email protected]

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