The Voorhees Animal Orphanage is a non-profit organization consisting of a Board of Directors, an Executive Director, staff members and volunteers, all whom have one common goal in mind: the welfare of the animals.

Our orphanage is in desperate need of being rebuilt and we plan on doing so in the near future. These bricks will be a part of our new building, and in the meantime, will be a part of the walkway that leads to our shelter doors. We hope many paws will be gracing these bricks on their way to a happy life and the second chance they all deserve.
Please help us save lives, one brick at a time...

The money to finance the annual budget of the shelter comes from fees paid by municipalities to house their stray animals; fees charged to reclaim, adopt or surrender an animal; annual appeals, fundraisers, monetary donations and legacies or bequests. The Voorhees Animal Orphanage is NOT funded by the county, and receives NO state or federal funding.

Our Goals and Expectations

  • To continue to improve the quality of life for the animals through our preventative healthcare program, foster program, and adoption program.
  • To do our part in preventing the births of unwanted animals by spaying and neutering all companion animals before they are adopted into their new homes.
  • To provide excellent customer service and to view our customers and the general public as “Lifesaving Partners.”
  • To continue to educate school children and the community with regard to responsible pet guardianship.
  • To be a voice for the animals.
  • To foster respect for all life.