Trinidad Football

Join the Trinidad Miner Football team in a fundraiser to improve their entrance leading to the football field. The current stairs are original to the field since the addition of the stadium was completed in 1927. After 91 years it’s long overdue for a makeover. The steps are deteriorating, uneven, decrepit, and also can be dangerous to climb.

 To help fund this cause the team is selling customized engraved bricks that will be the foundation of the new ramp and the teams entrance to the field. These bricks will be the new stepping stone paving the way for Miners to come, from Miners past and present. Your customized brick will line the brand new ramp to the field and be surrounded by a garden for all to enjoy before and after games, or any other day of the week!

Some examples are:

- Show your Miner Pride   (Jane Doe Miner class of ‘85)
- Support the team             (Go Miners! Love the Robinson Family)
- Root For your Miner      (Go Get Em’ Abe Serna! -Mom & Dad)
- Advertise a business     (Bella Luna proud supporter of the Trinidad         Miners)
- Tribute to ……
- In honor of a passed loved one     (Forever a Miner, John Doe CO’ 75)

For questions please contact William Mclaughlin at [email protected]

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