"Let us not forget our forefathers. Let us not conceal them from our youth. Let us call to remembrance, time after time, their glory and not be ashamed of it - for it is our glory also. Let us enter the future in wisdom, armed with the knowledge of our forefathers. We have no future if we downplay the past. In that past we had many wise men who were like prophets, who loved Ukraine as they loved God, mother and father."
Testament and Blessing of His Holiness Patriarch MYSTYSLAV I +

Telling the Stories of Ukraine and the Ukrainian-American Experience

Since the 1960s, Patriarch MSTYSLAV had a singular vision for a center that would educate Ukrainian-Americans about their heritage, and to share Ukrainian history and culture with the American public. This vision is embodied in the state-of-the-art 30,000 square foot Historical and Educational Center at the Metropolia Center in South Bound Brook, NJ. The Patriarch Mstyslav Museum is a fitting home for the world-class collection of 15,000 items and hundreds of thousands of archival documents already in the UkrHEC's permanent collection. The Museum’s exhibits will tell the stories of Ukrainian and Ukrainian-American history, share Ukrainian traditions and spiritual beliefs, and display the creativity of Ukrainian artists and artisans. The Museum will also include a memorial garden dedicated the victims of the Holodomor - the deliberate starvation of 7 million innocent Ukrainian people in 1932-33. 

Find out more about the Historical and Educational Center of New Jersey at ukrhec.org 

The Council of Bishops and Council of the Metropolia strongly urge our Church members and the Ukrainian community who value the arts, heritage and lessons of the past to support this initiative both materially and spiritually.

Becoming a Benefactor of the UkrHEC
+ Select 1 of 3 available brick sizes
+ Honor a family member, clergy, organization or simply enter your name 
+ Your brick will be installed in walkway leading to the main entrance of the UkrHEC