US Air Force Space & Missile Museum Foundation

The USAF Space and Missile Museum Foundation's Memorial Garden will recognize the men and women and their organizations-military and civilian – whose dedication, ingenuity, and extraordinary effort gave their country the capability and physical means to lead the free world in rocketry and space launches. Their sacrifices, courage and faith paved the way for the first moon landings and today’s commercial space industry.  

Your memorial tile or brick will honor you, a family member, friend or organization and support the mission of the USAF Space & Missile Museum Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.  Proceeds will be used to make the USAF Space and Missile Museum and Sands Space History Center a showcase to tell the history of the Cape Canaveral AFS rocket and launch complexes and the personnel and organizations that gave us our space legacy. Your generosity will help sustain the ongoing programs, refurbishment of displays, and general support for maintaining The History of Cape Canaveral AFS and The United States Space Program.


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