Waverly-Belmont Elementary School will open its doors in August 2015. The School will welcome Kindergarten through Fourth Grade students. Principal, Kimber Halliburton was granted a year to prepare for the opening of the building. As the school year draws near and students prepare to walk through, the PTO is forming and aligning resources a year before classes begin in order to offer support as the school opens. We have developed a unique way for parents to take part in the foundation of Waverly Belmont PTO. In partnership with MNPS and following the theme for Waverly Belmont of “Unwavering Excellence”, we will create the Unwavering Walk near the school’s entrance. Set your support in stone with a custom engraved brick recognizing donors.


Engraved Brick Options:

 Individual/Family Only

$150 = 4" x 8" Red Brick 

$250 = 8" x 8" Red Brick

 Business Only*

$500 = 12" x 12" Red Brick


* Only Business bricks will have an option to add a logo at no additional charge. Please keep in mind that basic images (silhouettes) are most ideal for engraving, no photos please. Business logos can be emailed directly to Waverly-Belmont PTO once your brick has been purchased through this site. 


Take home an exact replica of your engraved brick, 4”x4” replica tiles are available for purchase for an additional $25. Please select Yes under the Replica Tile drop down menu below if you wish to purchase one.

Based on ongoing feedback from Principal Kimber Halliburton the Waverly-Belmont PTO has identified some initial needs. Please help us to reach these goals.  


Initial PTO-Supported Needs:

~$17,200 = 43 Document Cameras @ ~$400/each

~$13,500 = 150 Griffin "Survivor" Series iPad Cases @ ~$90/each

~$8,000 = 400 Individual Headsets for PC’s, iPads, laptops, and other devices @ ~$20/each

 GRAND TOTAL = ~$38,700


We thank you for your ongoing support of the Waverly-Belmont PTO!


 For more information or assistance regarding this fundraiser, please contact the Waverly-Belmont PTO directly [email protected]