Wellfleet Arbor Committee

The Wellfleet Town Hall Common 

Our goal for the Town Hall Common is to create a welcoming and accessible area for our town's residents and visitors and to preserve a vital open space that enhances one of Wellfleet's most important buildings. The land has historically been used as a gathering place. Some of the improvement we will expand seating, increase accessibility and safety for all. 
As our town's population swells by tens of thousands during high season and the shoulder seasons, we feel there is a greater need for more communal space, and a focus on moving people safely around these spaces by adding accessible walkways, lighting, and protection from vehicular traffic. The Town Hall lawn has always been the heartbeat of Town center and deserves a thorough plan to improve its use as a Common.

The success of the Town Hall Common renovation will be measured by the increased use of the space for gatherings, events and celebrations. Lighting will encourage visitors to enjoy the space in the evenings, perhaps for readings, music, or other social inspiration. The safe movement of pedestrians from the parking lot to Main Street will be an important improvement. Adding more bike racks, and placing them by the new walkway near the Town Hall building will encourage people to use the designated path and avoid congestion in the parking lot. 
We are excited about this project. We feel it will bring a new spark of life to our town and create a space for everyone’s benefit and enjoyment. We appreciate your support. 

We are asking that no commercial interests be represented on the bricks we will be using for the walkways and seating areas. If you are a company owner and would like to donate for a brick, please do so as an individual. If you would like to donate through your company, please contact us for other fundraising opportunities. Your company name will be recognized on our donor acknowledgement page and recognition plaque

4" x 8" Clay Brick ( text only ) $125

For questions please contact wellfleet arbor committee at wac349.org@gmail.com

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