These bricks will be placed outside along the sidewalk so everyone that visits Westminster Village will be able to view them. 

Westminster Village Foundation is a not-for-profit organization existing to serve present and future residents of Westminster Village Muncie, Inc. through grants, studies, and financial assistance. The purpose of the Foundation is.

 1) To financially assist the residents of Westminster Village whose funds have been partially or wholly exhausted because of illness, inflation, or other justifiable depletion.

 2) To provide funds for special religious, musical, social, artistic, educational, recreational and health care programs, projects and facilities benefiting residents of Westminster Village.

 3) To provide funds for research into the social, economic, psychological, religious, spiritual, and health care problems of the elderly.

 4) To foster and promote educational programs and facilities specially designed to aid elderly persons in living happy, productive and useful lives in their senior years.

5) To engage in joint or cooperative ventures or programs with other tax-exempt nonprofit charitable organizations and federal, state or local government agencies pursuant to the four areas described above. 

Example of text on a 4"X 8" brick : In Memory of “name” 

Please, upload your logo for the 8"X 8" brick.

 If your logo is not square, the logo will look distorted on the preview, don't worry it will look good when engraved.

If you need additional details, questions or wish to further customize, please contact us at [email protected] 

or call 765-288-2155 Ext: 1148