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Zoo Fundraisers: The Advantages of Brick Fundraising

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A Great Way to Limit Costs & Avoid Ticket Price Hikes

The financial advantages of doing a brick or tile fundraiser are unlimited, by creating a strategy and setting a goal the possibilities are endless. Implementing a new walkway, redoing a wall, adding engraved tiles around inside exhibits or just to update the interior design with engraved porcelain tiles. These are few of the many campaigns that can bring in not only financial help but also newly updated scenery.

Over time, zoos and conservancies budget cuts for employees and upkeep of maintenance for the facility and animals has costed many zoos to either close, cut business hours or stop recreation activities with the community. Statistics show zoos and conservancies contribute approximately $22.5 billion to the U.S economy in 2016 which has been reported by https://www.aza.org/zoo-and-aquarium-statistics

Starting a fundraiser is a fantastic way to bring back the livelihood of the zoos, keeping the zoos open and updated are very crucial to not only the economy but also to the surrounding communities.

Keeping the community encouraged to visit the zoo is a critical need. Having a personalized engraved brick or tile, would not only encourage more local visitors but also intrigue tourists to learn more about having their name, spouses name or a dedicated brick/tile done to honor a loved one. An engraved brick can be placed at the zoo for donors and members that make contributions to the zoo as a thank you.

Creating Needed Funds/ A Better Alternative to Loans

Zoos have numerous walkways and paths so there will always be room to expand a brick project.

Engraved bricks can be personalized with clip art of the donor’s favorite animals at the zoo from the massive Polar Engraving clip art collection which boasts over 500 species and breeds. Zoos can also have zoo specific clip art created and submitted for their customized donor website. setting up a kiosk with your donor websites in your main building or right by the entrances can draw donors right over to contribute to the campaign. Using marketing tools such as the free flyers, employees can hand out, have stacked at concession stands or have a set up area in the gift shops with an engraved sample to show case.

For more information on starting a brick fundraising campaign for your zoo, contact Polar Engraving at 1-800-546-7993.

[Picture  :Boom Boom Memorial Bricks @ Out of Africa Wildlife Park ]

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