Why a Brick Fundraiser?

Fundraising with engraved bricks is an easy, cost-effective way of raising funds for any organization or special event. There is no product to be bought up front and then resold like other fundraisers.

When your donor makes a donation or purchases an engraved memorial brick they will not be buying a physical brick at that time. The donor is buying a brick to be placed in your project once the installation will be completed. This may be a few months down the line or even a year or two out. Your donor will make their donation and you will be taking down the inscriptions of what will eventually be engraved on their brick.

Once you have sold a certain number of engraved bricks and collected the money from the donors you will then place your order. Money from the campaign can be used right away as the funds are received or set aside.

Order your free engraved sample and kick off your campaign. Polar Engraving, a brick engraving company since 1998 offers great free marketing tools which include a free donor website, free online ordering system and  free brochure creation to help get you started.

Projects Near You

Projects near you

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To view some of the brick and tile engraving projects we have worked on click on the image to your left.

Free Engraved Samples

Use your engraved sample to gain board approval. Once your project is approved use the sample to show your donors what they will be purchasing.

Speak to one of our marketing specialists to customize your sample.

Brick Fundraising Learning Center: Polar University

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Polar Engraving, located in Naples, FL is one of the oldest family owned and operated brick engraving companies. The company was established in 1998 and quickly became one of the top brick engraving companies in the country specializing in successful brick and tile fundraising campaigns. We can engrave both concrete and clay bricks that can be used..


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