Civic Organizations

Civic Organizations

Civic Organizations brick fundraising

~Big Thompson Canyon Volunteer Fire Dept. Drake, CO

Civic Organizations Fundraising – Police, Firefighters, Ambulance, and City Hall Brick Campaigns

Due to decreased government spending, economic setbacks, and budget cuts, fundraising has become even more essential to communities, cities, towns, municipalities, police, firefighters, and civic organizations. Engraved bricks are a great fundraising idea that can offset potential budget cuts.

Memorial bricks help to honor our fallen heroes and those still serving. Memorial brick campaigns help raise money for building improvements, beautification projects and support our injured or fallen heroes. Fundraisers are likewise essential to buy new equipment and supplies for all types of civic organizations. Commemorative bricks or tiles can adorn walls at fire departments, police and ambulance stations as well as City Halls. They can also be used for patios, sidewalks, walkways, and other types of memorial projects.

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Below are just a few organizations that have used our engraved bricks and tiles for their civic fundraiser and memorial projects. You can find more projects near you, just put in your zip code.

  • Big Thompson Canyon Volunteer Fire Dept-Drake, CO
  • Clarks Green Centennial Committee Clarks-Green, PA
  • City of Chicago-Chicago, IL
  • City of Crocoran-Cocoran, CA
  • City of Tucson-Tuscon, AZ
  • LAPD Los Angeles Police Department-Los Angeles, CA
  • South Orange Volunteer Fire Rescue-South Orange, NJ
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