Veterans Memorial Bricks and Army’s Memorials

Veterans Memorial Bricks and Army’s Memorials

Veteran Memorial Brick

Memorial Bricks and Veterans Memorial Bricks

Veterans’ memorials or war memorials use engraved memorial bricks or tiles as a permanent way to pay respect to loved ones that have passed away or have been killed in the line of duty. Polar Engraving has engraved thousands of commemorative bricks for churches, families, cemeteries, fire and police departments, and Veteran Associations around the country. We also offer brick arrays for creating centerpieces that will enhance and transmit the message behind your brick memorial.

How can engraved brick memorial fundraisers help veterans?

 Brick memorial fundraisers, like Honor A Veteran Buy A Brick, can be used to support our servicemen and women after they have come home. Although there are many government-funded programs to help veterans, sometimes the money provided is still not enough. Veteran brick programs can help with extra medical expenses, rehabilitation, and care for both physical injuries and mental scars like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Money raised can aid with the training and care of service dogs that assist them both physically and emotionally. These conditions not only affect our military men and women, but they also have an impact on their families. Veteran brick campaigns can help those who are still serving. Your organization can use brick donations to provide assistance for our soldiers and support their families back at home. Bricks for veterans are a wonderful way to salute those who have served and give them recognition.

Polar Engraving has worked with many veterans organizations across the country such as the American Legion, AMVETS, Disabled American Veterans, VFW’s, and helped them achieve their objectives.

Where do you place engraved bricks or tiles in Veteran Memorials?

 Memorial bricks are mostly placed in the design of walkways, or in memorial parks and gardens in combination with artistic brick arrays.

Memorial Walkways

 A memorial brick walkway commemorates the Armed Forces that have served in various conflicts around the world. A typical brick walkway will use bricks laid on the ground to remind people of those who have defended their nation.

Usually, engraved bricks used in a war memorial display a simple inscription in a form of a message.

Polar Engraving can engrave in a variety of fonts and languages at no increased cost, and we offer the ability to add your personal logo or symbol to an engraved paver. Additionally, a huge variety of brick designs and patterns are available!

memorial walkway with an honorable memorial and air force helicopter above

Memorial Parks and Memorial Gardens

Our professional brick and tile engraving services are used to build memorial parks and gardens. Those places of commemoration give people an opportunity for reflection and mourning and are designed to create a peaceful atmosphere as they walk around the memorial bricks.

Furthermore, we can help Veterans in composing that special message that will dignify the memory of those who have dedicated their lives to the nation. In addition, our laser engraved pavers and tiles can be utilized for fundraising purposes.

garden with a bricks memorial walkway

Memorial Brick Arrays

A memorial brick array is the engraving of your message, logo, inscription, or emblem across several bricks or tiles. Arrays are incredibly popular for big fundraising events across all types of organizations, and among individuals who want to recognize more than just one person. Examples include military units, Veterans charity organizations, and lists of names of those who disappeared in action.

american legion memorial bricks array with the name and logo

Commemorating Veterans’ Day, Memorial Day, and Flag Day.

 We understand that each inscription engraved is a tribute to the life of a hero, a father, a son, a mother, or a daughter – but we realize that there is more than that.

Polar Engraving helps you design a message to remember your dearest one on November 11th on Veteran’s Day,  create a homage to those who have died while serving in the US Military on Memorial Day, and celebrate the creation of the flag of America, as well as the United States Army, on June, 14th.

We want to make sure that you can leave a special mark like the name, the battalion, and any other recognition message on a forever brick. memorial brick array example with logo, phrase, and sizings


memorial brick array example with logo, inscriptions, and sizings

Can I use US Military emblems, marks, and logos?

Polar Engraving is now the ONLY brick engraving company in the United States that is officially licensed to use the emblems of all five branches of the US Military:

  • The Navy

  • The Army

  • The USMC (Marines)

  • The Air Force

  • The Coast Guard


Whether a family member or a friend has served in Vietnam, in WWII, and has made the sacrifice of his life, we propose as recognition the full range of emblems for which we pay royalties.

What kind of inscriptions or messages can I include on my memorial bricks and tiles?

Choosing what inscription or phrase to select on your memorial brick, especially when it comes to honoring your loved one, can be challenging.

Memorial inscriptions can be diverse, from traditional phrases to more unique, heartfelt messages more specific to the person being commemorated. However, selecting a simple text is often the best. We want to give you a list of typical pieces of writing as an inspiration for you to decide from.

Please feel free to change these memorial pavers examples to fit your needs, and let us know if you need any further assistance.

  • In loving memory of a father who gave everything to support and love his family.

Memorial brick with in loving memory inscription and flag

  • In honor of the men and women that saved our community.

Memorial brick with in honor of inscription, symbol and name

  • Always in our hearts, you will never be forgotten.

Memorial brick with always in our hearts inscriptions, names and logo

  • In ever loving memory of a great husband, wonderful father, and protector of the peace.
  • Forever in our minds, our friend, brother, and guardian.
  • Remembered always …
  • Sacred to the memory of …
  • Precious memories of …

And many-many others.

What warranty do I get on my memorial bricks?

In our promise of delivering the best care and attention to each customer, we give a lifetime warranty with each memorial brick and tile.

We will replace your memorial bricks at our expense and give assurance of the quality of the materials provided that the bricks were installed, maintained, and sealed properly according to our instructions. We also guarantee that the lettering will be readable for the entire lifetime of the brick, and we ensure against any chipping, fading, or peeling of the inside letters.

For further information, please visit our warranty page

How do I use memorial bricks for fundraising?

Using memorial bricks in fundraising campaigns is a simple way to raise capital for a Veteran’s memorial park or garden with a little-to-no upfront cost. Polar Engraving has worked for a variety of different clients in creating custom engraved bricks for fundraising purposes, ranging from schools or other non-profit to Army’s Veterans’ memorials.

Polar Engraving will set up for your organization a personalized donor website and will help determine your fundraising objectives. Once the donor site is live, your donors will be able to purchase online their brick. Each order is recorded in your portal, where you can find a copy of them.

Thanks to our software, you can oversee the whole process, We want to make sure to make your veteran brick program a winner!  Raising money for a memorial service, burial, museum, park or garden has never been easier.

How to start a Successful Brick Memorial Campaign?

We offer many useful services to ensure the success of memorial projects or donor recognition programs. Our free marketing tools, such as donor website, brochure order form, brick locator, and online order management system were created for the organizations to successfully manage their memorial campaign.

You can find all of our marketing tools and tips at our Learning Center. Our friendly and knowledgeable fundraising specialists are always available to answer all your questions or assist you, just give us a call at 1-800-546-7993.

Below are a few Memorial and Veterans Organizations we have helped with successful fundraising projects. You can find customer brick memorial projects near you.

  • 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines Division-Kaneohe Bay, HI
  • Alabama Veterans Memorial Foundation-Birmingham, AL
  • American Legion Post #95-Brockway, PA
  • American Legion Post #150-Sterling, VA
  • Custer Veterans Memorial-Custer, SD
  • Oneida Castle Veteran Memorial-Oneida Castle, NY
  • VFW Post 6187-Fort Fairfield, ME
  • NAS Lemoore Aviator Memorial Association-Lemoore, CA
  • Wyoming Army National Guard-Afton, WY
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