School & PTO Brick Fundraising

School & PTO Brick Fundraising

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School Brick Fundraising Campaigns

Polar Engraving is committed to the success and profitability of your school’s engraved brick fundraising campaign. School brick donation programs have become very popular to raise money for Preschools, Elementary Schools, and High Schools. The Brick memorial can be a wall with engraved bricks or engraved tiles or a walkway. Preschools are often in need of new classrooms, outdoor classes, or a fresh playground. Likewise, Elementary Schools and High Schools call for the extra dollars to support the development of new programs: new buildings, gymnasiums, PTA and PTO projects, sports teams, choir and music bands, marquee signs, uniforms, and so many more causes.

Brick fundraising campaigns are an essential and uncomplicated way to raise funds without spending any money upfront. Additionally, an engraved brick or tile offers permanent recognition to a graduate student, an honor student, or the student of the month. You can reach out to parents or your local community to increase the extra funds needed to support your brick project. Parents usually love to be involved in programs benefiting their child’s school. Aside from being able to look at their engraved brick in the school, it also gives them a sense of approval and contribution to the expansion of the school.

We understand most schools and PTO organizations have limited resources and may not employ fundraising experts, but this is where Polar Engraving has you covered. Not only do we have the lowest price on a standard 4’× 8′ brick, but we also provide you with the marketing tools and tips to have the most successful fundraiser possible! We offer FREE design and implementation of a donor website, brochure order form, brick locator, and online order management system.

Our friendly and experienced fundraising specialists will guide you throughout your fundraiser. You can learn more about successfully marketing your fundraiser at our Learning Center. You can also call us and speak with a fundraising specialist about your project at 1-800-546-7993.

Below are just a few organizations we work with, you can see more customer projects near you.

  • Chelsea Height Elementary PTO-St. Paul, MN
  • Continental Colony Elementary School-Atlanta, GA
  • George Washington High School-Cleveland, TN
  • Gustine High School-Gustine, CA
  • Indianapolis Public Schools-Indianapolis, IN
  • Meadowlark Elementary School-Kearny, NV
  • Orange County School of Arts-Santa Ana, CA
  • Breakwater School-Portland, ME
  • Charlottesville Catholic School-Charlottesville, VA
  • Austin Jewish Academy-Austin, TX
  • Lake Lure Classical Academy-Lake Lure, NC

Montessori School Brick Fundraising

School Brick Fundraising

School Fundraising FAQs

The best way to raise money for school often involves organizing fundraising events or campaigns that engage students, parents, PTAs, and the community. Popular methods include selling products like engraved tiles and bricks, hosting bake sales, organizing fun runs, and seeking donations from local businesses and supporters.

Fundraising in schools typically involves planning and executing events or initiatives to collect funds for various needs such as educational programs, trips, and supplies. Schools often rely on the support of students, parents, teachers, and the community to contribute to these fundraising efforts.

To raise money for a school trip, students and parents can organize fundraisers like selling engraved tiles and bricks, hosting car washes, or conducting bake sales. They can also seek sponsorships or donations from local businesses and community members who want to support the educational experience.

The duration of a school fundraiser can vary based on its goals and type. Some fundraisers are short-term, lasting a few days or weeks, while others may continue for a semester, a year, or ongoing for years. It depends on the fundraising objectives and how quickly the funds need to be raised.

Schools often engage in fundraising to supplement budgets and provide additional resources for educational programs, extracurricular activities, field trips, and equipment. Fundraising helps bridge financial gaps and enhance the overall educational experience.

School fundraisers are typically organized and overseen by a team that may include teachers, parent-teacher associations (PTAs), and school administrators. This team collaborates to plan, execute, and manage fundraising activities to benefit the school and its students.

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