Engraved Brick Photos

Engraved Brick Photos

Brick Engraving Ideas and Ideas for Fundraising

Polar Engraving is the leader in the brick engraving business. We understand the difficulties that are associated with fundraising for a valuable cause. Engraved bricks are an excellent fundraising idea, whether they are made out of clay or concrete, we can engrave bricks and tiles for charitable organizations, and for commemorating purposes.

What brick fundraising ideas can we suggest that may be suitable for you?

There is always a practical goal to any capital campaign, like helping improvements of a building. Alike, the bricks can be installed to commemorate an event, or people with the warranty that brick engraving at Polar Engraving have a lifetime guarantee.

Additionally, the potential for obtaining money through a “Buy a Brick fundraiser” is huge because the fundraiser continues for long periods of time even after the installation of the pavers.

Religious fundraisers ideas:

These types of brick fundraisers are typically used by a religious institution, like a church, a temple, a mosque to either honor someone, create a memorial, or raise cash for a project that the institution is supporting. In either case, brick fundraiser ideas for church can be marketed through a personalized donor website where sponsors can decide to donate to a “Buy a Brick” program.

School/education institution fundraisers ideas:

Many schools start a brick campaign to give children from impoverished backgrounds a bit of leverage to sustain studies; it is also done to develop schools’ infrastructure, buy new uniforms, and many more.  School fundraising ideas with specific goals are very usual and extremely successful projects.

Military, and War Veterans:

This type of fundraising usually exists to commemorate and honor the service to the country, sacrifices made by Veterans to keep us safe, or to remember our present or fallen soldiers and army staff. Memorial inscription brick ideas or commemorative brick ideas can be written in a message engraved on bricks or tiles.

Animal rescues ideas, sanctuaries, national parks:

Brick engraving is a great way to raise money for livelihoods related to animals, it may be for the improvements of a shelter, or for resources that are required for the sanctuaries, parks, or for the sustenance of the animals over time. Here again, you can make use of our engraved brick ideas and laser engraving ideas.

Which brick engraving ideas for fundraising are the best, depending on whom the customers are?

We encourage our customers to try unique ideas like a special message etched into the brick for a lifetime. The best aspect of the brick project is the contribution towards a program, which is dependent on the objectives of the foundation and its ambitions.

You can also add special clip art, and choose from our extensive symbols gallery. If you have your own logo which can be a quote, personal art, or an image, we can engrave it to last forever. Texts on bricks or pavers will considerably depend on the type of message you want to convey but you can always consider our brick inscription examples or brick paver inscription ideas

Charity fundraisers are particularly common, and brick engraving can help for generosity events; brick programs should explain to the donors the fund usage after the engraving is complete. Transparency is necessary for a good campaign, as people like to know what they are donating towards.

Which ideas are good for long-term projects that require funding over time?

Most of the time, brick fundraisers continue over a period of time either because the target has not been reached, or because it is a long-term project which requires resources for maintenance. 

Usually, when the bricks are installed in sand, it is easy to replace them; blank bricks can be used for the initial setup, and as donors and sponsors buy the engraved bricks, the blanks can be taken out and replaced with the engraved pavers. This keeps the fundraiser going on, allowing the organizations to continue raising capital for their objectives.

More and more engraved brick ideas are being used to boost a brick campaign and awareness in the community for projects like universities, animal refuges, zoos, etc. This is one great way to begin to raise funds as you know exactly how the money is being used.

Human beings have always been obsessed with leaving a trace like cave painting, constructing monuments, and creating art; pavers engraving is another great way to do it, leaving your mark for years.

Get in touch with Polar Engraving to find out more about our brick ideas.

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