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theatre fundraising campaigns

The Barn Studio of Art-Millville,NJ

 Theatre and Arts Fundraising Campaigns

Arts fundraising is more important now than ever with many schools across the nation cutting back on art programs. For example musical training has been shown to help develop language and reasoning skills, help with memorization as well as help children improve in many other areas of study.


Since the beginning of humanity from the earliest of men drawing art in caves to modern cinematography utilizing CGI animation in films, the arts have been preserving our history and enriching our lives. Fostering the arts not only helps those involved directly but it also affects a community as a whole.


A brick or tile theatre or arts fundraiser can help raise funds to build new facilities or renovate existing ones, sponsor art programs and even fund scholarships.


We have worked with art schools, art studios, dance studios, theaters, and many other similar organizations over the years. Polar Engraving can help you run a successful fundraising campaign with our free marketing tools like a donor website, custom brochure order form and brick locator tool. All of our fundraising marketing tools and tips can be found at Polar University. You can also contact one of our friendly and experienced fundraising specialists at 1-800-546-7993 to discuss the details of your fundraising project.


Below are a few organizations we have helped with successful fundraisers, you can also find customer projects near you.


arts fundraising campaigns

– Davenport Theatrical Enterprises-New York, NY

  • Bremerton Community Theatre-Bremerton WA
  • Count Basie Theatre Foundation-Red Bank, NJ
  • Davenport Theatrical Enterprises-New York, NY
  • Huntsville Ballet Company-Huntsville, AL
  • Lake Whitney Arts-Whitney TX
  • Naples Art Association-Naples, FL
  • The Barn Studio of Art-Millville, NJ
  • Daytona Playhouse-Daytona, FL
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