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Polar Engraving is proud to provide excellent customer service and beautifully engraved bricks and engraved tiles for fundraisers across the country. Below are just a few projects from our customers. If you would like to add your project to our site please email us at




We are the Happy Shriners http://www.yaarabshrine.net/

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American Legion Post 359-Passaic, New Jersey

This monument is dedicated to the memory of Passaic soldiers who lost their lives in defense of this great Country. Photos courtesy of New Jersey National Guard.

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American Legion Riders Post 129-Toms River, New Jersey

Heroes Walk created by the Legion Riders to honor 5 fallen service members.

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VFW Post 10136-Mountainside, New Jersey

VFW Post 10136 in Mountainside, NJ created a beautiful monument dedicated to the service and sacrifice of their military members using engraved bricks provided by Polar Engraving.

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Fisk University-Nashville, Tennessee

The Fisk Delta’s recently held an engraved brick fundraising campaign to celebrate several momentous events at Fisk University. They recently completed a beautification project for Legacy Park on campus and all funds raised through this campaign were used for the beautification project and any additional funds were directed towards establishing a student scholarship fund.

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Ardean Aafedt Stadium-Williston, North Dakota

Williston Parks & Rec recently held an engraved brick fundraising campaign to help fund ongoing maintenance and improvements at Ardean Aafedt Stadium prior to hosting the Babe Ruth Little League World Series. They were able to sell over 300 engraved 8×8 pavers and as a result they raised nearly $100,000, making it one the most successful fundraising campaigns of 2016!

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Eastland Project-Chicago, Illinois

The Eastland Project located in Bohemian National Cemetery is dedicated to all who lost their lives in the Eastland disaster on July 24, 1915. This memorial is dedicated to the victims and survivors of the Eastland disaster, as well as to the many heroes and organizations that assisted in saving lives and bringing relief to those who suffered from this tragedy. The monument was dedicated in July 2015.

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Kenmore Board of Trade-Akron, Ohio

Kenmore Board of Trade in Akron, OH, a community based organization, recently held a tile fundraiser to raise money for their clock project. They dedicated their new clock on Oct. 29, 2015.

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North Side Movement-Big Spring, Texas

The North Side Movement is about “moving” forward and bringing much needed attention to the North Side of Big Spring, Texas. Our goal is to clean, attract new businesses and restore pride to North Side. The group has been holding an ongoing brick fundraising campaign to help raise much needed funds to improve the local community.

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Mission Valley Golf & Country Club-Nokomis, Florida

The Club recently held a brick fundraising campaign to help raise money to purchase a new clock tower for the golf course grounds. Along with the clock is a beautiful pathway and new landscaping.


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The Friends of the Frontier Army Museum-Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

In the Spring of 2015, Friends of the Frontier Army Museum of Fort Leavenworth developed the Tribute Trail, located in front of our museum. This trail is dedicated to the men and women who have served honorably in our military, as well as anyone who has spent time in the Fort Leavenworth area.


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CARE Elementary School-Miami, Florida

The Mission of CARE Elementary School is to provide a nurturing Christian environment where children from the Overtown community receive the best opportunity for academic success and character development.

CARE Elementary School is committed to quality instruction by certified teachers, small classes, engaging common core curriculum and ongoing support of volunteers. They recently completed installation of their “Founders Wall” to recognize the people and organizations that have supported this mission.


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Orange County School of Arts-Santa Ana, California

Orange County School of Arts recently concluded and installed their engraved bricks from their recent brick fundraising campaign. This was their first ever brick fundraising campaign which turned out to be a huge success. They sold more than 200 engraved 8×8 pavers and raised more than $63,000 in the process. Since their campaign was so successful they will now be offering engraved bricks to students and alumni twice a year.


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Bureau of Land Management-King Range, California

Bureau of Land Management offices in California recently completed an art installation project using engraved bricks to mark the 15th anniversary of the inception BLM’s National Conservation Lands. According to the BLM website National Conservation Lands is a system that conserves, protects and restores nationally significant landscapes. They include 872 federally recognized areas and approximately 30 million acres of national monuments, national conservation areas, wilderness areas, wilderness study areas, wild and scenic rivers, national scenic and historic trails….The project was installed at the entrance to King Range overlooking Black Sands Beach in California.

Polar Engraving provided nearly 400 engraved bricks along with a large custom engraved brick array featuring the National Conservation Lands logo which was placed at the entrance of their project. This engraving project was completed for the customer on a very tight deadline and Bob Wick of Bureau of Land Management says “…bricks arrived safe and sound and look great! Thanks for pushing this along so we could get them on time.” A dedication ceremony was held on June 20, 2015 with U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell along with other dignitaries and community leaders.



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International Lineman Museum-Shelby, North Carolina

The International Lineman Museum recently created a Walk of Fame to pay tribute to those linemen and individuals (both past and present) who have contributed to the safety and existence of the electrical industry and to those unique individuals who continually exceed in the call of duty. The video below shows the Walk of Fame and their beautifully engraved bricks from Polar Engraving.

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VFW Post 6187- Fort Fairfield, Maine

VFW Post 6187 recently celebrated the opening of their new Veterans Memorial and have since completed the first phase of installation. This beautiful memorial is dedicated to the brave men and woman who have served our Country with bravery and distinction. The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, Inc. is an organization formed in Columbus, Ohio on September 29, 1899, by Spanish–American War veterans of the 17th Regiment of Infantry, Ohio National Guard.

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Hooved Animal Humane Society-Woodstock, Ilinois

Dear Patrick,

In 2011 the Hooved Animal Humane Society has just celebrated it’s 40th year.We promote the humane treatment of hooved animals thru education, legislation, investigation, and if necessary, intervention. We receive many donations from people that like to leave a memorial or tribute to a loved one, 2-legged and 4-legged alike.

In early 2010 we dedicated a part of our 26-acre farm to a Memorial Garden and we started offering engraved bricks in 2 sizes, with wording of the donors’ choice.

We would like to thank you for your assistance in providing these bricks for us. We would not be able to memorialize and honor these loved ones without you.


Edeltraud Crabb

Hooved Animal Humane Society,Woodstock IL


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St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church-Eugene, Oregon

In August 2010, after chalking out a design for a 7 circuit classical labyrinth in the field at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Eugene, Oregon, it was decided to make it more permanent with bricks. The initial bricks and labor were donated by church members and it took over a month of weekends and evenings to dig out the trenches and fill them with bricks and sand. The labyrinth was completed just hours before the dedication in September 2010! It was a sunny day, the music was fantastic and there was a large community turnout for this event. A picture of this event is attached.

The next phase of the labyrinth was to put in benches and trees. We needed some funds! So far about 25 memorial bricks have been sold to members of St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church with very little marketing. We decided to sell them for $50.00, with or without clip art. There are bricks for deceased loved ones, bricks for wedding anniversaries, bricks giving thanks, bricks that the Sunday school kids chose, in other words a large assortment. The clip art has been very popular, over half of the bricks have art. We are placing the memorial bricks in the outer circle of the labyrinth. Attached are pictures of the two benches built in the summer of 2011 and the birch trees planted near the entrance, as well as photos of some of the memorial bricks.

 We expect to keep selling bricks as the next phase of the labyrinth is to build an information kiosk for visitors to the labyrinth. The bricks from Polar Engraving have been very attractive and have gotten to us very quickly especially considering they are traveling from Florida to Oregon! The memorial bricks have been a great way to continue work on the labyrinth project bit by bit.

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Friends of the Mobile Dog Park- Mobile, Alabama

Friends of the Mobile Dog Park have been using the excellent services of Polar Engraving for fundraising in order to establish an off leash dog park. We are using a brick paver program to adorn the entrance way to the park. The quality and workmanship supplied by Polar Engraving meets our need for a long lasting durable walkway. We would recommend Polar Engraving to anyone thinking of fundraising for their own projects.


Danny Weemes


Friends of the Mobile Dog Park

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Harrison Central School District- Harrison, New York

Robert Salierno,
Harrison Central School District

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VNA Hospice of Monroe County- East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Attached are some pictures of the memorial bricks in front of VNA Hospice House.These bricks line the front sidewalk leading into HH and during spring, summer and most of the fall a beautiful assortment of flowers also line the sidewalk alongside the bricks.  Unfortunately these pictures were taken too late in the season to show these.
Terri is going to send you a description of the program but I can say from my perspective it has been a success at HH since it began about 2 years ago, with close to 200 bricks already laid or to be ordered.

While laying the bricks visiting families often stop to look at these and comment how nice they are.  One person commented how this is holy ground and when you think of all the patients who leave this world at HH for their journey into the next life I agree with her.  We have quite a few husband and wife bricks side-by-side. Families often want to show their appreciation for the wonderful care HH provides and purchasing a memorial brick is a great way to say “thank you” while also leaving a remembrance of their loved ones.

Thanks for your great work!


VNA Hospice of Monroe County, East Stroudsburg, PA

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American Hebrew Academy-Greensboro, North Carolina

I found Polar Engraving while searching for brick fundraising ideas on the internet. While I looked at many sites yours was the most helpful and answered the many questions I had without even picking up the phone. Also, when I did contact Polar Engraving every person I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with has been incredibly professional, helpful and has bent over backwards to make sure we were satisfied. I have to tell you I chuckled when I got your company’s notification of the increase in price of the bricks. I’m sure your customers would be happy to pay the increase (and a few more) based on all you offer.


Ellen Green, Assistant Director
American Hebrew Academy

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Eagle Scout Project- Columbia Station, Ohio

Attached are a couple pictures of the project using engraved bricks as a fundraising opportunity. Although there were not many bricks purchased it did help considerably towards the expenses of the project. The project was my son’s Eagle Scout project.
The bricks added a very nice touch to the whole Eagle experience, as well as providing troop members with a way to help with the project. It also provided a great memory that will linger long after Theo has graduated and left scouting.

Scott Stevens

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Community Chest- Virginia City, Nevada

We used Polar Engraving to do a fundraiser for our community center in Virginia City, Nevada.  So far we have raised over $8,000 through our engraved brick fundraiser. It is a great way to commemorate people and organizations who contribute to our cause. Thanks for the quality work.


Darren McKay

Youth Enrichment Specialist

Community Chest

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Ave Maria University- Naples, Florida

I am very grateful for the high quality service Polar Engraving has provided me over the last couple of years. It is always a pleasure dealing with Patrick and Regine for our paver engraving, name tags and also different plaques to recognize our donors. Small urgent orders are dealt with the same day! No job is a problem for them.
Thank you for dealing with my urgent orders so quickly and efficiently.
Selling pavers is an excellent way of fundraising.  Donors love to look for their pavers with their inscriptions and often buy a second one after they found their first paver.
Antionnette Bosch
Ave Maria University, Naples, FL

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YMCA Of Greater Nashua- Merrimack, New Hampshire


Boy Scout Troop 17- Denville, New Jersey


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Pearce Chapel Church- Smithville, Mississippi

Attached are a few photos of our brick project. We are so pleased with the outcome and highly recommend
Polar Engraving to other prospective customers.


Van Dale Hudson, Pastor
Pearce Chapel Church
Smithville Mississippi

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Sugar Valley Airport- Mocksville, North Carolina

Thanks VERY much for all your efforts.


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North Beach Elementary PTA- Miami Beach, Florida

North Beach Elementary PTA selected Polar Engraving for our Outdoor Learning Center project.  The bricks arrived on time as promised and were exactly like the sample that had been provided. There were no errors, no missing bricks or quality issues. Polar Engraving used thin styrofoam sheets for packing so that the bricks wouldn’t scratch each other when stacked. Critical Path Services was able to install them easily and as you can see the patio came out beautifully. We would definitely use Polar Engraving again!

John Star Aleman

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St. Emma Monastery- Greensburg, Pennsylvania

This is our Last Supper outdoor interactive statuary, byTimothy Schmalz.


This was an Eagle Scout project coordinated by Ryan Gilbert and Ethan Gilbert. It is located in one of the fields at St. Emma Monastery.


Your bricks are the ones that are just a shade darker ones of the pavers. We will continue to add your pavers as we get more names.  I hope that some of these pictures will be of help to you.


God Bless,

Sr. Maria Johanna

St. Emma Monastery

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