Multi-Brick Display

Multi-Brick Display

What is an Engraved Brick Array, Tile Array, or Multi-Brick Display?

An engraved array, also known as a multi-brick or tile display, consists of your message or logo engraved over a number of bricks or tiles. The multi brick/tile display can be used to show your organization’s name or logo within your project, or you can offer it to distinguished high-level donors who may want to be recognized with a beautiful work of art.

The price of a custom engraved array is the regular price of the engraved brick or engraved tile plus an array fee of $30.00/ per 4 bricks or tiles, clip art fees may also apply. We can do multi brick displays using only 8″ X  8″ or 12″ X 12″ bricks or tiles. See our multi brick display pricing page for more details.

This is a great opportunity to make your fundraising project a huge success and add an artistic touch to your brick fundraising campaign. Ask for a quote on a custom engraved array at [email protected]

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