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Brick Locator

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your donors be able to easily find the location of their engraved brick within your project?
Now they can using our new brick locator tool.


A brick locator is ideal for larger projects where it may be difficult for the donor to find their personalized engraved brick at your site. Some examples are stadiums and memorial campaigns that involve multiple sites or a brick fundraiser that includes a front walkway as well as a patio area in the back.


You as the organization will be able to assign the location of each engraved brick in the order management system.
The donor or friends and family members will then be able to easily locate their personalized brick within your project.


We are the only brick engraving company that does not charge extra for a brick locator!








Click Here to test the brick locator.


On the Sample Veteran’s Memorial 
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Brick Locator to test the system.

Use any of the following search criteria. 


Search by Name:
First Name: Bob
Last Name: Smith


Search by Email:
Donors can also find their brick using the email they used to purchase a brick.
Example Email Address:


Search By Confirmation Number:
Donors can search by confirmation number.
Confirmation #: 21871


If you already have a donor website and would like this feature added please let us know. There is no additional cost for the brick locator. You will just need to provide us with your location map.
You can easily assign the brick location in your brick management portal. This feature could also be used with your tile project.

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