South Orange Rescue Squad | South Orange, New Jersey

We’ve been extremely happy with the engraved bricks and tiles ordered from Polar Engraving for our new headquarters. Quick response time, great customer service and great pricing! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for engraved bricks or tiles for fundraising.

Dan Cohen
South Orange, NJ
Rescue Squad

Afton Education Foundation | St. Louis, Missouri

Easy to work with! Reasonable pricing to allow you to have a successful fundraiser! Lots of choices and quick turnaround. Give them a try! You won’t be disappointed!

Kyle Palacios
Afton Education Foundation

Seth Boyden Elementary PTA | Maplewood, New Jersey

Hi Polar Engraving Team,

We want to thank you for the excellent service. The first batch of engraved bricks were absolutely beautiful, especially the engraved signatures from all the kids in each class. Your donor website portal was functional and saved us a lot of time.

Best Regards,

Seth Boyden Elementary PTA
Maplewood, New Jersey

Bennett’s Valley PTO | Weedville, Pennsylvania

Our PTO has been working with Polar Engraving for two years with our ongoing Outdoor Classroom project. We have found Polar Engraving to be fantastic with their customer service and products!

American Hebrew Academy | Greensboro, North Carolina

I found Polar Engraving searching fundraising and bricks on the internet and while I looked at many sites, yours was the most helpful and answered the many questions I had without even picking up the phone. Additionally, when I did contact Polar Engraving every person I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with has been incredibly professional, helpful, and has bent over backwards to make sure we were satisfied. I have to tell you that I chuckled when I got your company’s notification of the increase in the price of the bricks. I’m sure your customers would be happy to pay the increase (and a few more) based on all you offer. I appreciate all that you do for us!

Ellen Green
Assistant Director of Institutional Advancement
Parent & Alumni Relations
American Hebrew Academy

Orange County School of Arts | Santa Ana, California

“….We have ordered over 500 engraved bricks from Polar Engraving, each one with a unique message and image. They have been very professional, timely and accommodating.”

Elizabeth Ton
Director of Development, Annual Giving & Alumni Relations

The Friends of the Frontier Army Museum | Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

In the Spring of 2015, Friends of the Frontier Army Museum of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas developed the Tribute Trail, located in front of our museum. This trail is dedicated to the men and women who have served honorably in our military, as well as anyone who has spent time in the Fort Leavenworth area. We have had the utmost pleasure of getting to work with polar engraving and using their bricks. Their product is not only beautiful, but it is also reliable. One of the major selling points for us is the lifetime warranty that your product carries. The customer service that we have received from Polar Engraving has been superb. They are reliable, kind, and helpful with all of our questions and needs. The Friends of the Frontier Army Museum (FFAM) feel very fortunate to work with you.

Monarch Golf Club | Leesburg, Florida

The crew laid the patio yesterday and you were right the array came out beautifully. Actually I was excited to see all the bricks as they are all unique in there own way and to that particular person and you guys did a wonderful job. All bricks arrived in perfect condition, our installer asked about your company and I gave him that information.

With the extra money we have made with the bricks I was able to buy new patio furniture and umbrellas. I personally was never sure if this project would take off, and it did, and a large part of that was because of you guys and your help and guidance. I thank you for that vey much.

Thanks so much Matt to you and your team, it has been a pleasure.

Dona Nash
Monarch Golf Club
Leesburg, FL

Masonic Homes of California | Covina, California

“Our order of engraved bricks arrived and they all look great, thank you for a great job! Many thanks to all at Polar Engraving for your help and a great job well done”

John Abernethy

Pearce Chapel Church | Smithville, Mississippi

“We are so pleased with the outcome and highly recommend Polar Engraving to other prospective customers.”

Pastor Van Hudson
Pearce Chapel Church
Smithville, MS

Susan | Sugar Valley Airport

You may not have time to view this video in its entirety, but it will show you what we have done with Polar Engraving’s beautifully engraved bricks.

I am sure we have some still photos to send to you and we will do so.Thanks VERY much for all your efforts.

North Beach Elementary PTA

North Beach Elementary PTA selected Polar Engraving for our Outdoor Learning Center project. The bricks arrived on time as promised, and were exactly like the sample that had been provided. There were no errors: no missing bricks, no quality issues. Polar used thin styrofoam sheets for packing so that the bricks wouldn’t scratch each other when stacked. Critical Path Services was able to install them easily and as you can see the patio came out beautifully.

Edeltraud Crabb | Hooved Animal Humane Society

2011 the Hooved Animal Humane Society has just celebrated it’s 40th year. We promote the humane treatment of hooved animals thru education, legislation, investigation and if necessary, intervention. We receive many donations from people that like to leave a memorial or tribute to a loved one, 2-legged and 4-legged alike. In early 2010 we dedicated a part of our 26-acre farm to a Memorial Garden and we started offering engraved bricks in 2 sizes, with wording of the donors choice. We would like to thank you for your assistance in providing these bricks for us. We would not be able to memorialize and honor these loved ones without you.

Sr. Maria Johanna | St. Emma Monastery

This is our Last Supper out door interactive statuary, by Timothy Schmalz. This was an Eagle Scout project coordinated by Ryan Gilbert and Ethan Gilbert. It is located in one of the fields at St. Emma Monastery. Your bricks are the ones that are just a shade darker ones of the pavers. We will continue to add your pavers as we get more names. I hope that some of these pictures will be of help to you.

St. Matthews Episcopal Church | Eugene, Oregon

In August 2010, after chalking out a design for a 7 circuit classical labyrinth in the field at St. Matthews Episcopal Church in Eugene, Oregon, it was decided to make it more permanent with bricks. The initial bricks and labor were donated by church members and it took over a month of weekends and evenings to dig out the trenches and fill them with bricks and sand. The labyrinth was completed just hours before the dedication in September 2010! It was a sunny day, the music was fantastic and there was a large community turnout for this event. A picture of this event is attached.

The next phase of the labyrinth was to put in benches and trees. We needed some funds! So far about 25 memorial bricks have been sold to members of St. Matthews Episcopal Church with very little marketing. We decided to sell them for $50.00, with or without clip art. There are bricks for deceased loved ones, bricks for wedding anniversaries, bricks giving thanks, bricks that the Sunday school kids chose, in other words a large assortment. The clip art has been very popular, over half of the bricks have art. We are placing the memorial bricks in the outer circle of the labyrinth. Attached are pictures of the two benches built in the summer of 2011 and the birch trees planted near the entrance, as well as photos of some of the memorial bricks.

We expect to keep selling bricks as the next phase of the labyrinth is to build an information kiosk for visitors to the labyrinth. The bricks from Polar Engraving have been very attractive and have gotten to us very quickly especially considering they are traveling from Florida to Oregon! The memorial bricks have been a great way to continue work on the labyrinth project bit by bit.

Danny Weemes | Friends of the Mobile Dog Park

Friends of the Mobile Dog Park have been using the excellent services of Polar Engraving for fundraising in order to establish and off lease dog park. We are using a brick paver program to adorn the entrance way to the park. The quality and workmanship supplied by polar engraving meet our need for a long lasting durable walkway. We would recommend this firm to anyone thinking of fundraising for their own projects.

Danny Weemes
Friends of the Mobile Dog Park

Bill Bender | Memorial Walkway Fund

On behalf of Countryside Presbyterian Church, we wish to take this opportunity to thank you for the beautifully engraved bricks you supplied us with for our Memorial Walkway.

This has been a two year project for us and each batch of bricks matched the previous. The new bricks we just received match perfectly the first batch we ordered and everyone remarks how nice the engraving is.

We will definitely use your company for our next fundraising walkway project.

Bill Bender
Memorial Walkway Fund

Pastor Janice M. Green | Ph.D. New York

I am very pleased to give my testimonial for your service at Polar Engraving. I have worked with you for about six years. You have always been very courteous and friendly. Your work is superb and is always presented in a professional manner. Also, I conclude that your prices are reasonable for the products you offer. I have enjoyed working with you and I will continue to be a customer as I have been truly satisfied with your work, service and products. May you continue to have success at Polar Engraving.

Julie Clay | St. Matthew’s House

Patrick and Regine were extremely helpful in making our walkway tribute paver project a success. Polar Engraving’s quick turnaround on orders and superior engraving technique are evident in every brick they produced for us, including their excellent reproductions of company logos.

Julie Clay
Communications & Even Officer
St. Matthew’s House

The Village of North Palm Beach, Florida

Patrick from Polar Engraving is very helpful and professional. Polar Engraving has a quick turn around for brick orders and they are delivered in a timely fashion and packed in a safe manner so no bricks are damaged during the trip. The engraving is legible and the clipart has great detail to make each and every brick look special and unique!

I will send a photograph of the brick project as soon as I get a chance to take a ride up to the Country Club.

Glenn | VNA Hospice of Monroe County

I can say from my perspective it has been a success at HH since it began about 2 years ago, with close to 200 bricks already laid or to be ordered. While laying the bricks visiting families often stop to look at these and comment how nice they are. One person commented how this is holy ground, and when you think of all the patients who leave this world at HH for their journey into the next life I agree with her. We have quite a few husband and wife bricks side-by-side and I included one of these in the attachments.Families often want to show their appreciation for the wonderful care HH provides, and purchasing a memorial brick is a great way to say “thank you” while also leaving a remembrance of their loved ones.
Thanks for your great work!

Bob Wood | Rockton, Illinois

Our folks are buried some distance away from our home so the planting of shrubs with the bricks on a “berm” in the yard are a little remembrance of them. Since I ordered 5 bricks, I had one made for our past dogs also. All 5 bricks are buried now and look nice with no hindrance to mowing. This will be their first Winter so we’ll see how they weather in the Spring.

Scott Stevens | Columbia Station, Illinois

Although there were not many bricks purchased it did help considerably towards the expenses of the project. The project was my son’s Eagle Scout project. The bricks added a very nice touch to the whole Eagle experience, as well as providing troop members with a way to help with the project. It also provided a great memory that will linger long after Theo has graduated and left scouting.

Darren McKay | Community Chest

We used Polar Engraving to do a fundraiser for our community center in Virginia City, Nevada. So far we have raised over $8,000 through our engraved brick fundraiser. It is a great way to commemorate people and organizations who contribute to our cause. Thanks for the quality work.

Darren McKay
Youth Enrichment Specialist
Community Chest

Lori Rogers | Mount Dora Area Chamber of Commerce

Polar Engraving has provided high quality engraving at competitive prices with a quick response time for our successful patio fundraising project We would recommend them and plan on using them again!.

Lori Rogers
Mount Dora Area Chamber of Commerce
Mount Dora, FL


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