Brick Fundraising for Memorial Projects


May 16

Brick Fundraising for Memorial Projects

By Polar Engraving
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Brick Fundraising for Memorial Projects

Engraved brick and tile projects make a great fundraiser for organizations constructing memorial projects. What a more permanent way to give memorandum to those who have passed or to commemorate the achievements of your members than using a medium that will last for decades for all to see.

Polar Engraving is a well-established brick engraving company that uses engraving techniques that combine both laser engraving and sandblasting along with the use of the highest quality paint which has been designed for tombstones; this ensures the engravings will last for years to come.

Many types of organizations can benefit from a memorial brick fundraiser; from Churches, to Schools, Veteran Memorials, Social Groups, Veteran Memorials, and Veterans Groups like the American Legion, DAV, AMVETS and many more.

Engraved bricks and engraved tiles are commonly used in:

• Patio projects
• Walkways
• Walls
• Cemeteries
• Surrounding statues
• Fountains

A Memorial Fundraiser can help raise funds for:

• Building Improvements
• Families of loved ones that have passed
• Food and Shelter
• General Operation Expenses of the Organizations
• Medical Expenses
• Special Events
• Trips

Starting a brick memorial is easier than you may think and Polar Engraving makes it simple and easy. You can suggest starting a memorial project as soon as your next meeting. We have free marketing tools to help you start a successful memorial fundraiser, we even provide you with a powerpoint presentation that you can customize with your own organization’s information.

The powerpoint presentation, which has already been created for you, will give you many great ideas about how you may want to use engraved tiles and engraved bricks. We help you become the fundraising expert and we have provided you with examples figures of potential earnings through donations. Visit Polar University and check out our fundraising toolkit for more information and tips on successfully marketing your engraved brick or tile fundraising campaign.

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