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Mar 20


Fraternities and sororities or Greek letter organizations (Greek life) are very common in the United States, they refer to a social organization of students and alumni at colleges and universities. They frequently participate in different types of fundraising to give back to their community. Brick Fundraising Campaigns for fraternities and sororities are extremely lucrative and popular.


Define your fraternity fundraising goals

How much money do you need for your charitable cause which can be the construction of a new building, a renovation, or any other beautifying project improving the university?

How much time do you need to reach your fundraising objectives?

Organize a brick fundraising committee

Within your fraternity set up an election to select the members in charge of the brick campaign. The applicants need to be willing to put time and effort in order to raise funds for the university. The committee will be responsible for the marketing, hosting the fundraising events, and thanking the brick donors.

Print A Buy A Brick Fundraiser flyer

On the fundraising, the brochure shows a picture of an engraved brick with the symbol of your fraternity, like Kappa Alpha society, and a sample message, so the donor will know exactly what he will get for his donation.

Hire a brick engraving company that offers a free donor website

A personalized donor website for your fraternity will promote the selling of the engraved bricks around the world. Alumni might have moved to different parts of the globe and thanks to the internet will discover your fundraising project.

Add a brick locator tool to your project

It is very important for the donors to locate their engraved brick once the project has been completed. Polar Engraving  offers that feature called the brick locator

Coordinate fraternity/sorority social events

Galas, luncheons sports events are big get-together for students, families, and alumni. They create the perfect opportunity to present your brochure or show a physical sample of the engraved pavers to boost sales.

Polar Engraving is the perfect partner for your fraternity or sorority fundraiser. Call our fundraising experts at 800-546-7993

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