3 Pro Tips for Library Fundraising to Turn Bricks into Bucks

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Aug 19

3 Pro Tips for Library Fundraising to Turn Bricks into Bucks

     “Open a book and you open the world”. Reading is one of the best ways to take your mind away from stressful situations and transport yourself into a different world. Some books are so powerful that they have the capability of changing the way you view life entirely. When a local library decides to do a brick fundraiser, the possibilities are endless in regards to creating your very own personal engraved brick. 

 A Quote on a Custom Engraved Brick

Sometimes when reading, you come across a line so powerful that it resonates with you for years to come. When choosing what to put on your engraved brick, this might be a great idea for you. If your quote is short and sweet, such as “Oh, the places you’ll go!” from the infamous Dr. Seuss book, then a 4”x 8” brick will be the best option for you. If you are wanting to add a lengthier quote, a 12”x 12” brick will ensure that you can fit your quote onto your brick as long as it is 8 lines or fewer

A Clip art related to your book title

According to Scholasticism, more than 400 million Harry Potter titles have been sold worldwide. If you are yourself a Harry Potter fan, then you are familiar with all the symbolic items involved. As long as it is in the form of line art, converting a logo/item into clip art is a very simple process. Once converted, your clip art can be placed on your engraved brick next to the line of your choice.    

Convert the Title of Your Favorite Book into a clip art

If you are an author or have a favorite book, converting your book title into clip art is a wonderful way to commemorate it forever. Similarly, adding clip art to your engraved brick is a piece of cake.

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Author: Patrick Calman

patrick calman

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