7 Essential Tools for Marketing Your Brick Fundraising Effort

Brick Fundraising Marketing Tips


Jan 17

7 Essential Tools for Marketing Your Brick Fundraising Effort

7 Tools to Help Market Your Brick Fundraiser

So, your organization has decided to start a brick fundraiser campaign? Below you can find 7 tools to help promote your engraved brick program.

1. Fundraising Guide: As soon as you contact Polar Engraving one of the first things you will receive is our fundraising guide. The fundraising guide includes information on our products, services and pricing. It also has many fundraising tips that will help you run a successful fundraising brick campaign.

2. Power Point Presentation: The power point presentation provided at Polar University  can help you with obtaining approval for your personalized engraved brick or tile project, it also includes many helpful tips on how to run a successful brick campaign.

3. Sample Engraved Brick: A free custom engraved brick sample from Polar Engraving will not only help you to see the quality of our work it is also a key to your fundraising success. Showing your fundraising committee an example of the custom engraved brick shows the board what your engraving company is able to include custom text and engraved images such as clip art and personal logos. Having an engraved brick for display purposes will help generate sales. Your donors will be able to see what an actual engraved brick looks like and this can help greatly to boost sales.

4. Press Release: Creating a press release can help generate free publicity for your brick fundraiser. Send the press release to local media such as newspaper, radio and magazines. You can learn more about creating a press release and find our press release template. You may also want to create media kit with video, audio & pictures for local television and radio media.

5. PSA: Create a public service announcement to run on local radio stations explaining your project and where people can purchase your donor bricks or tiles. Public service announcements are generally free advertising for projects contact your local radio station to find out their process to submit a PSA.

6. Fundraising Campaign FREE Donor Website: The Free Donor Website is an integral part of all fundraising campaigns. It allows your donors to purchase engraved pavers or engraved tiles from virtually anywhere in the world. You can post links to your donor website on social media or your organizations website. The site can also be published in print media directing potential donors to your brick fundraising campaign. Your personalized donor website will also help simplify the ordering process. No more having to decipher messy handwriting and best of all you get back end access to actively manage and monitor orders for your organization.

7. Free Donor Order Form Design: There are still many donors who wish to do things the old fashioned way and prefer sending in their donations on a paper order form. Be sure you have something available for these donors. Along with your free donor website Polar Engraving can create a matching brochure order form at no cost. We provide both an editable Word Version along with a print ready PDF version. All you need to do is print the file and distribute to your donors.

For more information on engraved brick or tile fundraising please feel free to contact Polar Engraving 800-546-7993 or send us an email.

Author: Patrick Calman

patrick calman

CEO of Polar Engraving, a family-owned business, founded in 1998, specializing in successful fundraising brick campaigns and Veterans Memorials.

The Only Brick engraving company in the USA, OFFICIALLY LICENSED, by the US Military to engrave all military emblems.

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