8 Proven Strategies to Keep Brick Donors Engaged and Happy

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Oct 18

8 Proven Strategies to Keep Brick Donors Engaged and Happy

Unlike other fundraisers where your benefactor receives a product as part of their donation immediately (like cookies or candy fundraising), it may take a very long time for the brick donors to see the final brick engraving project.

How do you keep your donors happy while they wait?


Manage your donors’ expectations.

Your benefactors must know when the engraved bricks or tiles will be installed in your project. If it is a capital campaign, this may be many years down the road. If your organization orders once a year, twice a year, or quarterly, let them know when they can expect to see their personalized brick or etched tile placed in the ground or on a wall.


Thank you, letters.

Sending your contributors, a letter thanking them for their engraved brick donation will let them know that you care about their support and recognize their contribution.


Engraved keepsake tiles.

A keepsake or replica engraved tile is a small 4” x 4” granite tile engraved with the same message and clip art as the custom brick or engraved tile. These can be given to givers to thank them for being part of your project. Or the etched tiles can be sold as another means of raising money.



Invitation to ribbon cutting.

Invite your donors to be part of the ribbon cutting ceremony or the unveiling of your engraved brick walkway, patio or engraved tile wall.



Thank you, party.

A brick or tile fundraiser can generate a lot of capital for your organization.
You can use some of those funds in a fun way to thank your patrons by throwing a get-together party exclusively for them.



Thank you, video.

Create a video thanking your contributors, they will feel more connected if they have faces to go with your fundraising program.


Highlight contributors on social media.

If your patrons allow it, thank them for using social media. Show love, thankfulness, and appreciation with a shout out.



Keep your donors updated on your project development.

Let them know when events are taking place, how much money has been raised for the projects and any changes to installation dates.

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Author: Patrick Calman

patrick calman

CEO of Polar Engraving, a family-owned business, founded in 1998, specializing in successful fundraising brick campaigns and Veterans Memorials.

The Only Brick engraving company in the USA, OFFICIALLY LICENSED, by the US Military to engrave all military emblems.

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