A Brief History of Engraving

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May 16

A Brief History of Engraving

By Polar Engraving
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A Brief History of Engraving

Since the beginning of time man has always wanted a way to leave their mark. We can see this with the earliest cavemen drawings. Wanting a more permanent means of recording history & art man created the engraving process. Engraving which is “the process or art of cutting or carving a design on a hard surface, especially so as to make a print” can be used create many different types of permanent recordings.

The earliest engravings have been discovered in Java, Indonesia more than 500,000 years ago, the engravings found on shells were thought to be made by our precursor homo erectus. Ancient engravings called hieroglyphs can also be found in many Egyptian cities including Lu xor and Memphis.

Traditional engraving was either done by hand chiseling away the design on the material, using machines that mechanically cut away the designs or using sandblasting. The laser engraving process uses computer programs to create designs that are then run through laser engraving machines.

Some modern engraving methods are still used today for:

• Glass Engraving
• Jewelry Engraving
• Wood Engraving
• Stone Engraving
• Tomb Stones
• Engraved Bricks
• Engraved Tiles

While there are many methods of engraving depending on the material being engraved, the process in general has not changed in hundreds of years. With the advent and advancement in technology the process and technique for brick engraving has improved greatly over the years.

Polar Engraving, a brick engraving company, uses a hybrid method for engraving. The hybrid method includes laser engraving for precision as well as sandblasting to create depth and a three dimensional look, it also helps the engravings look better and last longer. Our technique has not changed since 1998 and we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our engravings.

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