Engraved Bricks to Honor Our Veterans

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Aug 17

Engraved Bricks to Honor Our Veterans

By Polar Engraving
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There are many ways to honor our veterans, past, and present, but an engraved brick is a permanent tribute to the brave men and woman who serve in our armed forces.  An engraved brick memorial project is the perfect way to both honor and remembers military service members, it’s also the perfect fundraising opportunity to help pay for your memorial project.

When you see the names of these men and woman, the Staff Sergeant from Iowa or the Army reservist from Montana, that brick represents someone who proudly served our country. That brick represents their story and honors their service. Their engraved brick will serve as a lasting tribute to them for many, many years to come.

If you’re thinking of an engraved brick project in your community to honor veterans, consider the following ideas:

•Memorial Wall: Consider an engraved brick memorial wall somewhere in your community.  It could be at a downtown square or plaza or at a city park.  This can serve as a great public tribute to our veterans.

• Courtyard or Terrace: This idea would be perfect for a community veteran’s park.  The courtyard could be divided into the various branches of military service with each symbol or military seal featured prominently.  This would serve as a great drawing point for members of the community who want to honor their loved ones.

• Walkway: This could be used at any public park or facility or one that is owned by a veteran’s group organization.  The walkway could be a mix of engraved bricks, along with the images of military symbols or military seals.

As a brick engraving company, Polar Engraving has helped thousands of organizations over the years with their fundraiser or memorial projects. From veterans organizations, schools, churches, museums and stadium projects. We have the experience and knowledge, as well as free tools to help you make this process as easy and successful as possible.

What do you think, are you ready to get started with a brick fundraising campaign for a memorial project in your community? Contact us today to get your free engraved brick sample or visit Polar University to learn more. 

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