Engraved Bricks vs Engraved Tiles: What Works Best!

engraved bricks vs engraved tiles


Apr 16

Engraved Bricks vs Engraved Tiles: What Works Best!

By Polar Engraving
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Engraved brick and engraved tile fundraisers are both profitable ways to raise money. Polar Engraving USA, a brick engraving company, loves helping organizations with their fundraising campaigns.


Engraved brick and tile fundraising campaigns allow your donors to have personalized inscriptions engraved on their tiles or bricks. Engraved tiles and engraved bricks can be used by just about any organization interested in raising money; including Churches, Schools, Memorials, Museums, Zoos, Libraries, Veterans’ Organizations and many other types of organizations.


So why choose one over the other? The answer is where and how you will be using the engraved pavers or engraved tiles.


Some of the Best Places to Install Engraved Bricks


  • Patios
  • Pathways
  • Walkways
  • Used as Markers in gardens
  • Landscaping Designs
  • Build Memorial Walls


Advantages of Installing Engraved Bricks


Clay or concrete bricks are heavier and sturdier than ceramic or quarry tiles and would give you more options for outdoor use. Engraved bricks can be used in more ways for outdoor projects. They are the same bricks used in construction for pathways, driveways, walkways and patios. When creating a brick walkway or patio, an engraved brick project could be completed and the blank bricks could be removed from the ground and replaced with engraved pavers.


Disadvantages of Installing Engraved Bricks


Outdoor installations depend heavily on weather. If the ground is too cold or if it is snowing it makes it more difficult to install your laser engraved bricks if you live in an area that has all four seasons.


Engraved brick projects are a more permanent installation. Once you have installed a brick walkway or path it would be difficult to move the project elsewhere. We have lots of examples of engraved brick projects on our website, be sure to check them out for inspiration.


Some of the Best Places to Install Engraved Tiles


  • Walls
  • Indoor Flooring Areas
  • Murals
  • Framed Projects
  • Memorial Walls


Advantages of Engraved Tiles Installation


There are many advantages to using engraved tiles for your fundraising project including easy installation, lower installation costs, lower overall maintenance costs, less wear and longer project longevity.


There are also many different options for design and installation, you’re only limited by your imagination! You also have many different tile types to choose from for your project, including wood porcelain, ceramic, quarry and black granite tiles.


Disadvantages of Engraved Tiles Installation


You are limited in to indoor installation for flooring projects. We do not recommend using engraved tiles for outdoor floor covering because when wet they can become a slip hazard.


Tiles are thinner than bricks so special care must be taken during installation to not chip or crack the tiles and the engraving.


Keeping these different factors in mind when choosing what material to use for your fundraising campaign will help to ensure the success of your endeavor. If you are starting a brick or tile engraving project, contact Polar Engraving to get your campaign and project off to a strong start.

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