Giving a Brick Gift or Gratitude Through Engraving

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Nov 16

Giving a Brick Gift or Gratitude Through Engraving

Studies show that the last 45 days in the year is when the most donations are received by charitable organizations. It may be that people are feeling in a giving spirit because of the upcoming holidays. Others will donate to be able to qualify for tax deductions before the end of the year. Either way this is the perfect time of year to either start an engraved brick or tile fundraising campaign.

It is also the perfect time of year to remind the public that you are running an fundraising campaign if you already have one in place.

Thanking your engraved brick and tile donors:

Thanking your donors is important to maintain a healthy donor pool. Below are some ways you can thank your donors and boost your engraved brick sales:

• Send thank you cards to previous donors
• Send thank you emails
• Give a special discount around the holidays on engraved bricks or engraved tiles
• Submit a thank you piece in select magazines or newspapers in your town thanking your donors
• Give thanks on Social Media

There are other ways to use your engraved bricks and tiles during the holiday season. You may already be selling custom bricks or laser engraved tiles for an engraved paver pathway or donor wall.

Customized bricks and tiles can also be a great gift idea or decorative piece for your donors.

Engraved Bricks and Laser Engraved Tiles as gifts:

What a better way for your donors to give thanks for loved ones. Engraved bricks can commemorate different events such as:

• Anniversaries
• Births
• Bar & Bat Mitzvahs
• Engagements
• Graduations
• Retirement
• Marriages

When incorporating a gift giving brick or tile campaign make sure you order early enough so your donors can give their gifts to their loved ones in time for the holiday season.

Decorative Engraved Tiles & Custom Bricks:

Engraved bricks can have a family’s name engraved on them and be placed in front of the home or as a unique garden ornament. Engraved tiles can also be used to adorn walls or as center pieces with custom engraved messages.

An engraved tile can also be used as a standalone piece of art. Polar Engraving is an engraving company with an extensive clip art library for your engraving needs. You can also submit custom line art drawings to create an engraved brick or tile that is like no other. The price of the engraved artwork remains the same there are no additional fees.

Don’t let the opportunity to boost your engraved brick sales pass by. Please contact us for more information on engraved brick fundraising.

Happy Thanksgiving to You & Your Family from
The Polar Engraving Family!

Author: Patrick Calman

patrick calman

CEO of Polar Engraving, a family-owned business, founded in 1998, specializing in successful fundraising brick campaigns and Veterans Memorials.

The Only Brick engraving company in the USA, OFFICIALLY LICENSED, by the US Military to engrave all military emblems.

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