Gaining Board Support for Your Brick Fundraising Vision

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Aug 16

Gaining Board Support for Your Brick Fundraising Vision

One of the biggest hurdles any group or association may face when considering a fundraiser is gaining board approval for your proposed brick campaign. You may not only be up in front of the board, you may also be competing against other members who are also pitching their fundraising ideas to the board.

    • Know Your Subject Matter:

      Why are you raising money? How much money do you need to raise? What is your deadline? Learn as much as possible about the ins and outs of an engraved brick or tile project. How much does it cost to run? What is required? What would be the best option for your organization, bricks or tiles? Do you have space for walkways or a patio? An engraved brick fundraiser is your best option. Don’t have that much exterior space? Do you have a wall? An engraved tile campaign may be the right fit for you.


    • Know Your Competition:

      Are other organizations in your community currently running a similar brick campaign? It is very important to know the cost and profitability of other ongoing fundraisers as well as other types of fund-raising opportunities. What percentage of return can you expect from typical fundraisers vs. a brick or tile fundraising campaign?


    • Cost vs.Profitability:

      It’s important to note that there is NO upfront cost associated with a brick or tile campaign. This simple fact makes this a very attractive fundraising opportunity for nearly any type of organization looking to raise money. Brick and tile programs typically have a much greater return than other types of fundraisers. Some capital contribution project will boast of 25-30% profit margins while brick fundraising campaigns could easily have a 500% profit margin or more! For example, a brick fundraiser that offers laser engraved bricks to donors for $100 each with a cost of $17.50 each will generate at least a 500% profit margin. The math is simple, would your organization prefer a 25% profit margin or a 500% or more income?


    • Marketing Your Brick Fundraising Campaign:

      Before starting your engraved tile or custom engraved brick fundraiser you should have a clear action plan and marketing strategy in mind already. Explain to the board what steps will be taken to ensure your moneymaker project will be properly marketed to your donors. Show examples of the free donor website provided by Polar Engraving that other organizations have created and donor brochures that can be provided to donors either through mail campaigns or at events. Polar Engraving offers all the fundraising tools to contribute to your success.


    • Talking in Front of an Audience:

      In order to give a great presentation you must be comfortable with speaking in front of an audience. Even the best ideas may be ignored if they are not presented with a level of confidence and ease. Most of the time the people on the board are people you already work with; even if they are not treat them like you would treat an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time. Be excited about meeting with them. If there is absolutely no way you can get in front of people to present your fundraising idea then find a good spokesperson who can present the information you have gathered.


  • Presentation Prep:

    Visual aids like an engraved brick or tile sample used in conjunction with our power point presentation can help aid you in pitching your fund-raising idea to a group or board for approval. Studies have shown that people retain information better when provided information visually. Be sure to order at Polar Engraving  your free engraved brick or tile sample well before your meeting to ensure you have it for your presentation. Polar Engraving, a reputable brick engraving company, has done most of the work for by providing the free sample and a great power point presentation you can tweak and customize specifically to your needs. You can find the power point presentation in your welcome email or on our website Polar University in the Fundraising Tool Kit. If you have any questions or need extra guidance to help make your presentation stand out please feel free to give us a call or email our friendly, knowledgeable marketing staff here at Polar Engraving.

Author: Patrick Calman

patrick calman

CEO of Polar Engraving, a family-owned business, founded in 1998, specializing in successful fundraising brick campaigns and Veterans Memorials.

The Only Brick engraving company in the USA, OFFICIALLY LICENSED, by the US Military to engrave all military emblems.

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