Promoting Your Brick Fundraising Campaign at Events

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Jun 16

Promoting Your Brick Fundraising Campaign at Events

By Polar Engraving
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Summer is in full swing and Independence Day is right around the corner; this is a great opportunity to promote your engraved brick fundraising project.

Incorporating your engraved brick or engraved tile fundraiser with the festivities can be easy and fun. There are many events such as BBQs, parties and city festivities you can promote your fundraiser at many of these events allow vendors to promote their products at designated tables or tents set up at the events.

Booking: The first step is getting your organization at an event. This should be done a few weeks or even months in advance. If this is an event that occurs yearly you may want to sign up way in advance to get a better deal on your promotional table.

Staffing: Having an ambassador at the event to represent your organization is key. It is important that the people that run the table at events are friendly, outgoing, and most of all knowledgeable about your project. They must know all the details of your engraved brick fundraiser or engraved tile project.

o Why are you raising money?
o What is your cause about?
o What will you use the money raised for?
o How much is each engraved brick or engraved tile being offered for?
o Is there an upcharge for clip art or logos?
o How many letters or characters fit per line on an engraved brick or engraved tile with text only or with a logo?

Decorating your table: You will want to draw attention to your table in order to get people interested. Use a solid color table cloth something pastel may work best in order to highlight your materials and so it will not compete with your marketing materials. Consider using balloons or streamers to help draw attention to your table.

Marketing Materials: What should you bring with you? You will want to bring a sample or two of your engraved bricks or engraved tiles. Display them standing up where text can be easily read by people on the other side of the table. For laser engraved tiles you may want to use a stand to prop up the etched tile for easy viewing. You will also want to use stands for flyers and pictures of your project, a few printed booklets that have the clip art collection and plenty of order forms. You may also want to have a laptop with you if there’s internet access available; this would allow people to enter their orders into your free donor website. If you accept credit cards, bring your credit card processing device with you as well as petty cash for donors that would like to purchase with cash.

If you follow these easy steps the table at your special fundraising events will be a hit!

For more information on brick and tile fundraising and fundraising tips please visit Polar University or call us at 800-546-7993

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