Tips For Park Fund-Raising With Engraved Bricks

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Nov 18

Tips For Park Fund-Raising With Engraved Bricks

By Polar Engraving
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There have been many budget cuts to parks and recreations programs as well as cuts to State Parks and National Parks a like.

These cutbacks have caused closures to many of the parks, shortened hours, delayed maintenance & repair and new projects have been put on hold or canceled altogether.

Many parks and recreations departments have had to find creative new ways to generate the additional income needed to run the parks at the same level as before.


  • Start a brick fundraiser


A good way to supplement the funds that have been lost and beautify a park is starting an engraved brick fundraising.


  • Find the right place for the engraved bricks   


There are many places engraved bricks can be used at parks. Existing walking trails and steps can be lined with the donor bricks.

Parks will usually also have vast spaces of land where new projects can be created. A park can have separate garden areas, patios, walkways, pavilions and even create walls with the engraved bricks.


  • Use online donations with a donor website


An engraved brick fundraiser is easy to run utilizing our free donor website program. You will need to submit a bit of content for the site some pictures and let us know who much you will be charging for your engraved pavers.

We will set up your website and you can start taking orders right away. Unlike other brick engraving companies out there we do not take the money out of your account for the bricks when the donor purchases the brick from you.

All the donations go directly to your organization and we will only invoice you once you place your order for the engraved bricks. This way the park will begin to generate the much-needed funds before an installation is ever completed.


  • Use a brick locator that shows where the brick is placed 


We also offer a free brick locator to help your donors find their personalized brick within your brick project.


For more information on starting a brick fundraising program, please contact Polar Engraving at 1-800-546-7993 or email us at info@polarengraving.com  one of our friendly and helpful marketing specialists can help you with the process.

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