Discover Why Brick Campaigns Top Fundraising Methods

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May 17

Discover Why Brick Campaigns Top Fundraising Methods

When deciding on a potential fundraiser it’s only natural to research the different types of fundraising campaigns that could help your organization raise money. Choosing a fundraising idea for your nonprofit or charity can be a challenge, there are many options to consider. At Polar Engraving we’re with you every step of the way and our marketing specialists will help guide your organization to a successful and profitable brick campaign. The information below explains why engraved brick campaigns are the best choice for fundraiser.

The Emotional Appeal of Engraved Brick Campaigns

People can relate to purchasing an engraved brick because it allows the donor the opportunity to leave a special and personal message that will last forever. Donors are more compelled to give money to a cause where they receive something special in return, an opportunity to leave behind their own message. You could also allow your donors to further personalize their engraved brick message using clip art such as military emblems or religious symbols. Polar Engraving has one of the largest clip art libraries available, with many categories to choose from that fits their needs. Allowing your donors to further personalize their custom engraved bricks will also improve the profitability of your fundraising campaign since you can charge more for this option and don’t forget to offer keepsake replica tiles to your donors, they will really appreciate it!

Huge Profits from Brick Campaigns

On average engraved brick campaigns could see potential profit margins of 500% or more! If you sell a 4″ x 8″ engraved brick for $100 and your Polar Engraving cost is only $17.50 your profit is $82.50 per brick, that’s more than a 500% profit and no other fundraiser can come close to matching that. If you offer multiple sizes at higher price points the profit potential is HUGE! The most common pricing we see across the 3 brick sizes Polar Engraving offers is $100, $200 & $300, imagine the potential profits your organization could realize from this type of fundraising campaign. See our potential profitability chart for a better understanding of just how profitable your brick fundraising campaign could be. Polar Engraving will also provide your organization with free marketing tools, custom website for ordering and brochure order form design, to further add to your fundraising success!

Need help executing your brick fundraising campaign? Polar Engraving can and will help your organization achieve a successful and profitable fundraising campaign. Our marketing specialists are more than happy to help you every step of the way. Contact us TODAY for more information on how to get started or visit Polar University.

Author: Patrick Calman

patrick calman

CEO of Polar Engraving, a family-owned business, founded in 1998, specializing in successful fundraising brick campaigns and Veterans Memorials.

The Only Brick engraving company in the USA, OFFICIALLY LICENSED, by the US Military to engrave all military emblems.

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