Why Engraved Bricks Make the Perfect Stadium Fundraiser

Engraved Bricks for Stadiums


Feb 17

Why Engraved Bricks Make the Perfect Stadium Fundraiser

Stadium brick fundraising campaigns can be a great opportunity to get your community and fans involved with your fundraising campaign or engraved brick project. Polar Engraving helps to simplify the process of a brick fundraising campaign for large scale projects by providing free marketing tools such as a custom website and custom designed paper order forms.

• Why do Stadiums utilize Engraved Pavers?

There are two main reasons why a stadium or arena may choose to offer engraved bricks to their fans and supporters.

The first reason is they are used as fundraising campaigns. Schools and Universities as well as cities and local governments may sell engraved bricks and line their walkways throughout the stadium to raise money for school activities, teams, or to help fund building expenses or maintenance for the stadium itself.

The second reason most arenas and stadiums, both public and private,  embark on a brick engraving campaign is to provide their fans and supporters an opportunity to be recognized.  Everyone has a favorite team and what a better way to support your favorite team than by having a message engraved on a paver at your team’s home stadium. Donor recognition bricks will last for years and the donor can pass by and see their engraved brick each time they come to catch a game.

• How to incorporate engraved bricks or tiles into the design of your Stadium?

The easiest way to incorporate a brick engraving program at your stadium is by creating an engraved brick walkway or engraved paver patio. If you use a sand bed installation for the bricks this will allow for people to purchase pavers for a very long time. It is easy to swap out a blank brick with an engraved one.

Engraved tile walls are another way to add an engraving project to your stadium. The walls may be at the exterior of the stadium or by ticketing booths and concession stands.

Essentially as long as you have an empty wall you can have an ongoing engraved tile fundraising campaign.

• How can my donors know where their engraved brick or tile is located?

Since a stadium fundraiser may include thousands of engraved bricks, it may take your donors some time to locate their engraved brick or tile while visiting.

Polar Engraving has a special tool just for this. We offer a brick locator which allows benefactors to search for their brick by name, email address or order confirmation number. The brick locator is used in conjunction with a free customized donor website where the contributors can make their donations online. At Polar Engraving, we are committed to the success of your engraved brick stadium campaign.

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