Using the Right Graphics for a Successful Brick Fundraiser

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Jul 19

Using the Right Graphics for a Successful Brick Fundraiser

A picture is worth 1000 words, this makes perfect sense according to science. 90% of information transmitted by our brain is visual and according to a study by a team of neuroscientist from MIT conducted in 2013, the human brain can process entire images that the eye sees for as little as 13 milliseconds. This may explain why pictures are usually the first thing that grabs the attention of the viewer. If the image is interesting the viewer will continue reading. When marketing your brick engraving fundraiser, you will want to use pictures along with your text copy. Make sure to use pictures relating to your fundraising project.

What are good images to use?

Use a picture of your free engraved sample brick or tile. If your engraved brick walkway has already been installed you can use some shots featuring the engraved walkway, patio, or engraved tile wall. Take pictures that show the whole space as well as some close-up shots of the engraved pathway so the donors will know what they will be purchasing.

The End Goal

If nothing has been built yet you will want to show off the artistic rendering of the project. You can also show the area where the custom engraved bricks will be placed or site of the building or stadium that is being built.

People in Advertising

Showing pictures of people creates a human connection. Emotion is always a very strong component of any campaign. For example, if you are doing a brick memorial for your local VFW, feature some of the Veterans at the post. If you are part of a booster club for a baseball team, show off your pride by having a picture of the team dressed in their baseball gear. Don’t forget our furry friends. If you are running a brick engraving campaign to raise money for an animal shelter, vet clinic or zoo make sure to feature pictures of a few of the cats, dogs, horses and other animals you are trying to help.

The Importance of Color

Important information like your call to action should be in an eye-catching color this will make it stand apart from the text. The pop of color will be a great way to present a phone number to call for more information or a link to your donor website for your brick fundraiser. Bonus points if you can incorporate your logo colors into your design. This will help to brand your campaign and make it easier to identify by your sponsors.

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Author: Patrick Calman

patrick calman

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