Friends of the T-Bird Bridge Committee, Inc

We need your help! Now is your opportunity to become permanently “etched in

 history” with the T-Bird Country Bridge!

●   The refurbished bridge will have two brick pillars supporting the bridge. The brick pillars will 
     match the bricks on the Lakeland Union High School building.

●  You have an opportunity to donate a beautiful brick that will be a part of the pillars- Forever!

●  Your brick will be etched with the words of your choice. For example:

●   Your name and graduation year

●   In memory of a loved one

●   In honor of a child that attended Lakeland

●   In honor of your family

●   In honor of your business

Each pillar will have 3 tiers of bricks, giving you the chance to donate a brick for as little as $100.00!!!

Please see your choices on this website and PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY! 

We are the Friends of the T-Bird Bridge Committee, Inc. Our purpose is the preservation of an historic area landmark known as 

the “T-Bird Country Bridge”. The Committee has several goals, as follows:

●   Relocation of the iconic “T-Bird Country Bridge” (front panel of the bridge only) to the front     
     entrance of Lakeland Union High School in Minocqua, Wisconsin. Since 1938, the historic 
     bridge has overseen the arrival of hundreds of thousands, yes millions, of residents and   
     visitors to the Lakeland area. The bridge was removed in August of 2016 and replaced by a 
     modern bridge after a 78 year perch over State Highway 51 North. Our group intends to 
     refurbish the bridge and have it moved to the front entrance of the High School, with the    
    theme “Bridging Community with Education”. Please see related photos on this page for the 
    final renditions.

●  With this project, grounds beautification surrounding the newly relocated bridge will be 

     completed. The includes landscaping, mature tree plantings, stone retaining walls, a beautiful  
     paver sidewalk and the cleanup and beautification of nearby water retention ponds. Accent 
     lighting will also be added for ambiance and security.

 ●   Our plans are to also erect a granite monument on the Lakeland Union High School grounds,   

     depicting an image of the iconic bridge, along with a story of it’s history. The granite  
     monument will be framed on both ends by pieces of the bridge.

●   Finally, because of your generosity, all funds received exceeding the Bridge Project cost plus 
     under budget savings, will be donated to the Scholarship Fund, administered through the L
akeland Union High School District              Foundation.

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 For Questions regarding ordering, please contact: Pam at [email protected] or Dale at [email protected]